Hand In – 26th May 2011 – Creating Impact Coursework Two

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How different media forms are having an effect on media production (FOR ASSESMENT)

In the early 1990’s the internet was not exactly first invented as it has all started around 1957 but it was becoming more accessible to the public. 20 years later here we are, who could have ever thought that the invention of the internet would create such an impact.  This media form without a doubt has changed the way we live and has completely revolutionised technology. The internet still amazes me as a media producer because their is not much you can do without this form of media. It definetly has many benefits to the production of media, It can enhance your profile as a media producer if done in the right way it can have a big impact on being noticed in the media industry.

Youtube has definetly had a signific impact on the way media is being produced, as mentioned previously in one of my blog posts,  the theoriest Gaunlett stated that media consumers are becoming media producers because of the advance in technology. This is evident with youtube because people who consumed media are now making media themselves because of the impact this media form has already had on the media production practice. Youtube makes it very easy to host your own video’s which can be produced and edited using simple technology.


During this module, I had to design and make a website using dreamweaver. Youtube had tutorials that helped you to use the software so even if you knew nothing about web design you could easily access step to step lessons to help make it even from stratch. Looking at this example in particular you can find anything you have ever needed to know right here at your fingertips, the internet has millions of information for the world to access. This media forms is having an very big impact on the way media is produced because 1. It is becoming easier for media producers to produce content because of the applications found on the internet and distribute it worldwide with sites such as youtube,vimeo.  Often Using content already on the internet consumers re-package it into a new exciting product when it has already orginated from something to begin with.

This is a great example of re-package content, I was shown this earlier on in one of the lectures. It was orginally a news story reporting on a woman who was involved with a rape attack but was edited and turned into an catchy song. Repackaged and distributed via the internet and was viewed by millions of people. Why was it so popular? and would it have been seen by so many people if it hadnt gone via the internet.

2. It has harder to produce something orginal and this is having a bad effect on the media production process because of media producers producing content based on whats around out there.  Sometimes its hard to have a audience in mind because the media form as significant as the internet has such a wider audience that its hard to find the niche market.

The Internet is having an impact in both postive and negative ways which effects how media is formed and distributed. Social media plays a big role in the making of this as a media producer myself its a way of communicating with people and also you can be used as a platform to distribute your production work for people to enjoy. Social media allows everyone to create their own media from music to short films, documentaries and photography. There are so many ways to display this work such as on an website designed for that purpose (again its been made easier to do via this media form), blogs that have become increasingly popular. Anyone can have a blog and its a great way to get your ideas out there.  All this has a postive effect on media production because its using the media form to its advantage. Social media means making oppurtunities to create and share with people who have similiar interests.  Websites such as twitter, flickr, vimeo, have created a new way to interact with each other by using social media sites to give people the chance to comment, rate, offer feedback from one media producers to another. This has an effect on the media production process alone allowing us to learn from each other and be inspired, challening that into our own productions.


In comparison to another media form such as television, a internet based show vs a studio programe.

Everything a television show does the internet can to the same. Internet shows are often done in the comfort or their own living rooms, people can produce and distribute this content because of the empowered a media form such as the internet gives them.  Ive heard many people discuss that the internet could eventually take over the television media form but I disagree but although it often feels like the internet is used as the main signific form for displaying the media production process I think television is still as strong as it ever been.

After just doing this live impact project, I feel I now have a better understanding to how the format of television programming works. A lot of work goes into producing a studio show and when you compared to what has been produced and put online, although the quality is not nearly the same its quite clear how the internet as a media form is having an impact on the television production. Both media forms are convergening into each other as you can use social media to communicate with the show.

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Reflect On Professional development – How social media enhances myself as a media producer) (FOR ASSESSMENT)

During the very beginning of the creating impact 161mc module, we were asked to sign up to all sorts of social media applications such as youtube, twitter, flickr, vimeo. I guess I never realised untill I began studying this module how many social media applications you can be apart of. You could say their is no escape from being apart of this social media circle, if you didnt want to be actively involved I guess their isnt much way of escaping away from it. For example just think to how many people are using facebook on a regular basis, how many have the app on their smart phones. I tell you as an active user of social networking sites myself even before this module its a very high percentage. Facebook played a very signific role in this module as it was our main source of communication with my group members.

Using social media to enhance my profile as a media proffesional has been made much easier with applications such as youtube,vimeo as it allows you to create your own channels where you can display your work. Youtube is very famously known for the introduction of channels, I first became aware of the benefits of having a channel during my study of media at alevel. Channels help the user to create their own space on the site, although you cant really place your own stamp on it, it does give you a platform to host your own videos and work. I think you could apply Gaunlett’s web 2.0 theory here as he suggests that media consumers are becoming media producers because of the technology avalible to them e.g youtube. This is very clear in terms of youtube because user can use the tools youtube offers them to enhance their profiles, either as professionals or “internet sensations”.


Having a youtube channel can enchance our profile as a media proffesional because it can be used to showcase your productions. Although If i were to use a social media site to host my productions I would use Vimeo instead of youtube, If you think of how much content is put on youtube from talking animals to people falling off tables. Do you really want your work to be distributed with the random content, theres nothing wrong with it dont get me wrong I just personally feel if your trying to get your profile out there. It would be better for your media identiy to have your own website space or use more proffesional social media applications.


I think if your going to use social media to get your profile out there you need to think about how you appeal to either a target audience or the social networking as a whole. Vimeo offers a much more of proffesional appearance and a sophiscated platform to portray your work. I havent been using vimeo for very long but I do prefer using vimeo as a platform instead of youtube as youtube is very mainstream. Although it is accessed by people all across the world, I think using vimeo is better even if it means you have to put yourself out there first.

Facebook is a very essential social networking tool used in social media, however I dont feel it can enhance my profile as a media proffessional because although it does it its job as a social networking and is still a great communication tool I dont personally use it for my personal benefit.  Although in its defence it is a great way of getting events out to everyone and getting people involved with projects if you have a large social network, or you could even build one.

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Personal Reflection and Evaluation of the 161MC Module (FOR ASSESSMENT)

When they told us we had five weeks to produce a television show, My first feelings was right okay where do we start. We were spilt into four groups but what was different for me this time,  was that none of the people I previously worked with on the assignments were in my group this term. I have to admit I was slightly nervous as I was so used to working with similiar people and my group was one of the bigger groups, with a total of 18 members. Although I felt nervous at the start once we started to work together during the editoral workshops and in the studio sessions,  I had the chance to talk to people who I hadnt previously. Looking back now there are many people I would definetly like to work with again and have enjoyed working along side them during this television module. This has no doubt been one of the more stressful and manic assignments, but I have to credit my group because although we had our fair amout of challenges , we worked together and Id like to think in a proffesional way. I tried my best to blog as much as I could throughout this module because of the pure fact,  it gave me the opition to look back over the studio sessions and so see how the group developed over the weeks. It helped me to reflect back on my contribution in the group and my personal development in my studio role. Blogging helped me to document everything as it was happening which I think is how it should be, you can see the mistakes that were made and how we put it right. It was one big learning curve I shall tell you that now. I was given the postion of gallery sound and although I feel I made many mistakes and could have personally done a lot better , blogging about my progress helps me now to reflect back on the process and how much I have learnt already.

My personal reflection of the 161 module has both good and bad factors, I think although the module was projected well and the brief was clear to most people, their was often the feeling of confusion as how to work in the studio. Looking back I guess I understand It was better for us as media students to be able to work independantly in an environment, such as a television studio but however many of us, myself included often felt like we didnt really know what we were doing in terms of using the equipment , as many of us had never had studio experience before. However two weeks into the studio sessions I would argue that many of us were beginning to get comfortable in our roles.

I orginally pitched for floor manager as I felt that I was doing a good job during the practice sessions mentored by the thrid years, however unfortanely I lost out on the vote and as working in sound was my backup choice. I re-pitched for the role of gallery sound when I was chosen for gallery sound I was apprehensive as I hadnt had much experience working with sound before but I was ready for the challenge,  and looking forward to experincing a new channel in media production. Reflecting back on my time as gallery sound my only issue was that I didnt feel I had enough studio practice time, this is mainly due to the fact we were rather disorganised pretty much as soon as easter came around. With many of our group members going back home for easter I dont feel as a group we used our time effectively and this effected the workload when everyone got back.When we got back I dont think during easter people realised how much work we had left to do and with only two weeks before our live show it meant their was a lot of pressure. It could have been avoided. As we had a lot to sort out such as set design, VT’s, editing script this naturally effected our studio sessions because we didnt get enough practice.  The problems we had with the VT’s majorly effective me because I had not had enough time to practice using the sound desk with the VT’s. I regret not being more forceful because if I had made sure the VT’s were in progress then perhaps I could have put myself in a better postion then I was. Then again that shouldnt have been my role, although VT’s were apart of my job it was not my job to export the VT’s on to tape.

Having problems with the sound desk was very challenging for me as during previous studio sessions, I had become quite accustom to the old sound desk and felt confident in using it. When we came back over easter I was informed that we had a temporary sound desk but with a week to go before our show, it was very nerve racking. I didnt feel I knew how to use the new sound desk as well as the old one, however I performed my job to the best I felt I could.  The job were done in the end but I feel our organisation skills as a group could have been improved although hats off to our producer because he kept everyone in line and together. It was a comfort to have somebody in charge who had previous experience in studio work as he had, having  done it at college.

Deciding to produce a children show was an eventful it brought about a fair amount of problems from the script, set design, not having enough practice time, VT’s, lack of contribution from group members. However I think we solved them the best we could, I came in every time we had group meetings and tried to work with Joe and often Sammie (PA) to control the organisation of the group and of jobs that needed doing.  I feel one thing that perhaps let us down was that the children show idea was not very well research or thought out. I think we felt because it was a childrens show we could be more adverturous but in fact this was the complete opposite case. The presenters did a brillant job though at pulling it off and everyone in the end pulled together to make the show work.

Overall I think we all worked together really well and kept the communication going via our facebook group and through phones. I think our main problem was that we unestimated what was involved when putting together a television show. I wasnt slightly dissapointed with the feedback as we didnt know it had to be called “Net TV” although that was the name of the brief  I didnt realise how much it would have effected us. I think we gave doing a children show a good go and with a lot more preparation we could have produced a more organised show.

During this studio module I felt I contributed a lot more then my fair share, however I dont deny anyones contribution. I just feel I took a more of hands on approach to this group work. If something needed doing although it may not have been my responsibility, I was happy to help and make sure it was done. Things such as booking out equipment, booking studio time, arranging group meetings were a few jobs I took an active involvement with. I was always in communication with our producer and was only involved when the job couldnt be done by himself. Although many people may argue that I over stepped my role, I disagree because although I was gallery sound I was also a member of the group and teamwork was essential to the success of this project. I am happy I took a more actively role in this studio module because I learnt a variety of skills from the technical side so setting up equipment and expanding my knowlegde in working with sound, and the organistaion side so developing an understanding for how running a television show works and what needs doing. It was a very stressful time I often felt very under pressure but I would do it again and hope to choose it as a module next year. I hope if I do choose to do studio work again I can develop as a proffessional.

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My Engagement with the creative critical process – WEBSITE (FOR ASSESSMENT)

The Design.

When beginning the design process for this website I was slightly unsure on what the best platform would be to build it with. I had already had skills instruction on dreamweaver although  I didnt feel very confident about using the software. I decided to bite the bullet anyway and build my website using adobe dreamweaver.

Before making any mockups I did do a bit of research into web design, I started by looking at website templates.


A lot of the tutorials I had looked at on youtube, all talked about importing an already made template taken from the internet and importing that into dreamweaver. However I didnt want to do this as I felt it would be cheating therefore I gave it at a go at creating my own template. It allows you to have much more freedom with your website as you can design it down to the very last detail.

Before I began making the website, I decided to do a few mockups in photoshop to help with the layout of the page and what design I wanted to go for. By doing design beforehand this would hopefully save me time while I was designing because I would already have a basic plan to work with instead of trying to design it as I was building it.


This is my first mock up of my home page – I decided to go for a natural colour scheme of light green and brown, I thought that by having a natural theme it would be a good design for the background as it was simple but still kept it interesting. As you can see it is a very basic home page, I centred the text and images to keep it neat and tidy. Both images are of myself working on projects during my time at university.

The mock ups were intended as a rough plan so that I knew the layout of the page, which images were being placed on and where they were being postioned and where the text was being placed.  Although while I was producing these mock ups of my web design, I still wasnt happy with the design and decided to start again and experiment with a new mock up.

 This was the final mock up I did, I was much happier with this design because it incorporated my blog design by using the same banner as displayed on my blog I felt it would begin to create an identity for myself.  I thought the colour scheme and compostion of the page in comparision to the first design would work better so I stuck with and carried on. I did find designing the website rather frustrating just because I wasnt happy with the design and I didnt wanna pursue to the building stage untill I knew that I was producing something,  I knew I had put everything into . However Once I was happy with the mock up and I knew the basic layout for each page, It was time to begin the work on dreamweaver.

I called the website AP Productions mainly because its the initials of my name and its a website built purposely to show the productions I have been apart of and made during my time at university in this first year.

Building the website.

Firstly I opened up dreamweaver and clicked on the HTML page. Once the page had opened up I needed to create a new site. I called my site AP Productions and then made a folder in my documents called Dreamweaver hand in 26th this became my root folder. All the content in this folder would be put onto the pages in the website, to keep everything organised I created sub folders called Images, Audio, Videos, Templates and kept all the relevant content in each one so I could access it much easier then having to go into my document folders each time. I placed the content in the document folder which opened up automaticly in the root folder. Clever Dreamweaver.


Dreamweaver content page + New Site

Root Folder


I decided to start by making a template which I would apply to each page to keep the consisten design the same, By making a template first hand it saves time and allows you to have the same design on each page by adding the template to the page instead of having to keep making each page from stratch.

 My template consisted of my banner, navigation bar, table (set out that each page would have the same layout) and colour scheme. I found by applying the template to each page half the work had already been done and for me it was only a case of applying the images specificly for that page and the text.

While I was working in photoshop, I was experimenting with the tools and figured that I could use the eyedrop tool to highligh over the background colour of the banner and use it as my background colour, keeping the page under the same colour scheme. Clever times.

The table was very tricky to control and I felt very frustrated with them because you couldnt aligh the images very easily, however it got better with practice. I learnt how to align the text and I began to understand how the tables worked the more I worked with them. Using the tables made the layout of the page look much neater and in line and although the tables were tricky to work with, they are worth the pain because the page looks more tidy and consistent.

For the font design, I decided to keep the brown colour because it worked well on the page, I experimented with the heading tools which all offered different sizes. I didnt experiment with the fonts too much because I didnt know too much about the css fonts so I kept with a simple font and colour. I am still unsure on the size of the font, Im not sure if it will appear too big but I wasnt sure if it was better to have the size bigger then smaller.

Once the template was done, every time I opened a new page I could apply the template to it at the same time.

About Page


Tv Studio










 All the pages had a consistent design and feel by applying the key conventions e.g banner, colour scheme, table layout, navigation bar helped to portray the design across the website.

Applying links to each page was difficult as first because I couldnt remember how to do it, I had been taught in the dreamweaver skills workshops but once I let my mind refresh back It was simple to do.

 Firstly I highlighted the text and at the bottom in the properties box

in the link box it has a  compass looking icon that you click and it allows you to point to the page in the root folder and it links it for you. I did this for every page and previewed it in explorer to check the links worked on each page and that the website functioned properly. I had a few minor complications while doing it with the links not working constantly through the website, however I kept with it and worked out what the problem was and solved it.

Embedding content was my next issue, I needed to embed videos and audio which after reading my dreamweaver book and looking at tutorials online it was simple to do.

 When I was certain that I was using dreamweaver to build the website, I borrowed a dreamweaver manual off a friend. I like to research into programs and to be able to teach myself how to do things on the software.

I found these tutorials very easy to follow and help me to learn how to use the software. A lot of the learning came from practice and just giving it ago and working through it. Each problem could be resolved by just working and getting a feel for the design software. Once you had learnt the foundations of the program and the tools you could use it was much easier. Embedding videos was literally a case of copying the embedding the code for the website, in my case either youtube or vimeo and pasting it into either the spilt or code section of the website.


Having finshed the website and now I guess I must reflect back on this creative process. I  enjoyed making the website on dreamweaver and I feel a huge sense of acomplishement for having made an actual website from pretty much nothing. I dont bejudge anyone who used an online web tool to make their website. I am just glad I choose to do it with dreamweaver although it was much harder and did take a lot more time, then if I would have done it on wix or moonfruit. However I have learnt a lot from using dreamweaver and I hope to be using it again in the near future and experiment with making other websites.

I wouldnt say I am completely happy with my final outcome, there are a few things I would have like to of made look more appealing but unfortanely my skills in using this software just let me down slightly as I felt I was at a disadvantage because I often didnt know what I could achieve in dreamweaver. However I am extremely proud of myself for not backing out and going for the easier route, It was hard going but it was worth it. I hope you can see how much effort I have put into this website although it may not appear to be much, sweat and tears went into the making of this website. Enjoy it 🙂

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Its Showtime :)

I guess before I show you our final attempt at our television show, I must tell you about the on goings leading up to the live show. Are you ready?

I decided to go into university at around eleven although our show wasnt untill one, there was a few last-minute things that needed to be tidied up before our live show. We were experiencing problems with the VT’s as they were still being put on tape this was due to the fact we had already had many problems previously. This was slightly worrying for myself as I was in control of bringing the VT’s in and out of the show and with not having much practice using VT’s in our previous studio sessions I was getting anxious. Sean was trying his best though and as the VT controller he was doing everything he could, although the VT’s prehaps should have been done way in advance to have prevented the problems from happening in the first place but at the stage there wasnt much we could have done about it. Sean got on with what he needed to do and all we could do was hope that the VT’s would be done in time. The VT’s got done but however when we got into the studio and began running into our time we realised that the VT’s wouldn’t play this was due to the fact they had been exported onto the tape in the format and would not play, this was extremely worrying as we needed the VTs, so sean had to then go and re-export the VT’s onto the tape again however this would take an hour which then left us with only an hour of studio time left. This was not something we needed, it turned out okay in the end but because of how much time we had left it only meant that we could do another two run through with VT’s and out of them two shows we would hand one in. This put a lot of pressure onto the people working in the studio and also in the gallery and we could feel it rising, however we all tried to stay calm myself included and focus on our doing our jobs the best we could.

I know I made a lot of mistakes during the show which I am disappointed about but on the other hand I have learnt a hell of a lot during this module and during my time as gallery sound. I had no idea there was so much to control being sound, I really enjoyed my time and I really would like to continue working with sound or even lighting and to get a more of an experience for working in sound. A few things I was not happy with in terms of how the sound went during the our show was firstly, I tried to make sure that the quality of sound from the radio mic’s was as good as it could be. I did experience a slight bit of interference which could have possibly been because of strong level of gain and interference from other technical equipment. I definitely feel I have improved on my time being gallery sound and working with controlling the sound. When I look back on previous studio session that we recorded in the earlier weeks, the sound has improved a lot and although it probably isn’t to a professional level  yet, I have learnt from previous mistakes and tried to learn from them and keep developing my technical skills.

I also did experienced a few problems setting up the sound desk, I managed to set the CD channel up and I could get studio sound but I had a few difficulites with getting the VT’s and the radio mics. I have to admit that these problems most likely could have been resolved by having a better understanding of the equipment and having had previous  experience with the equipment. However I feel I did a good enough job, I tried my best to succeed in my job and to make the show run as smoothly as it could. I didnt want to let me group down by not giving everything into my role.

Overall I think there was many good and bad factors to our television show, It is important to look back over the last few weeks and learn from the mistakes and triumphs that we experienced as a group and indivuial. We had a few problems with teamwork and I personally feel some people outshone in their roles and did more then they should have, without them peoples hardwork it would have made it a lot more difficult so hats off to them people. You know who you are.

Here is the video, although the other video is also to be uploaded rumour has it that it is a better quality so we shall see :).

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Studio Show Practice Of Risky Bussiness

During out time in the studio we tried to record a couple of sessions so that we could see how we were developing and the progression.  Here a video of one of studio session, this one is taken from friday 6th May which makes it a very recent practice however I can see there are many problems still at large and need resolving.

As I am in charge of Sound, at the moment that is my soul responsibily and needs my full attention. During watching this studio session I can already see areas I need to work on. I was not very happy with the sound quality of this particular practice, I felt it was rather quiet and needs to be louder and both sophie and matt needs to be controlled separetly.  I am currently still working on this, experimenting with radio mics is next on the agenda. I am aware that the showday is looming over us and is in two days. I am just hoping that the experiment goes well tomorrow during our studio session and then I can pursue with it for thursdays showdown.

Also during this practice although there was no VT in the show, I accidently left the faders up which meant the sound from the studio was picked up. If the VTs were playing then this would not have been so obvious, however it has made me much more cauious and has made me more aware that I need to be careful when bringing the studio sound out and back in , in time for the VT’s. Its all going to be down to the timing.  I am feeling slightly nervous for the show Im not going to lie haha. However I think the practice tomorrow will give me a better understanding to how successful or unsucess the live show on thursday will go. We have yet to practice with VT’s yet so I am feeling very anxious for that because I have yet to practice bringing the studio sound out and VTs in and vice versa, also I have intro music to control. Im hoping after a few practices I should be able to control things, It just means I really need to be on the ball during thursday’s show to be able to control all of the sound inputs at the same time. I am slightly annoyed as I did speak to Joe several times about VT’s, I hoped that when we got back after easter the first session back I could experiment with controlling the VT’S but it didnt happend. Im sure it will all turn out okay, I just could have done with more practice to feel more confident for our live show.

Watching this studio session, I am very dissapointed at the sound. It is very quiet and poor quality. Since seeing this video, I Have taken all the cristisim on board and have began to resolve the problems during the studio practices.

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