New Beginnings


Beginnings can often be very frightening, having to vendure outside your comfort zone is an area many of us choose to avoid. However starting university has all that thrown in with some other exciting parts too.

Starting University offers many challenges yet amazing opportunities, as I found out in my induction week. One of the first tasks we were assigned as students of media production involved being placed into groups of around eight people and given a group task.This was a great way to introduce everyone to each other in a fun,simple task.              The Task involved having to produce a new movie from a choice of genres : Comedy,Action,Thriller,Horror,Sci-Fi, Animation, Foreign Language, Romantic Comedy. The choice was up to us and was a decision to be made as a group. From this we were to develop and produce a film pitch for that movie and to be presented to a crowd, made up of the rest of the students on the course. (No pressure then 🙂 ). 

Working in groups can often be difficult, especially if you do not know the people very well and do not feel very confident talking in big groups. However it is a good teambuilding exercise and by the end of the week I did feel that the members in my group felt at ease with one another and had begin to build proffessional relationships.

Things I have learnt from this induction group task :

  1.  I feel that I have learnt to deligate job roles successfully and confidently, During this group task in particular I felt I had a strong management over the project tasks. Although this was not my plan and I did feel very uncomfortable at the beginning, I took it upon myself to rise to the challenge and to make sure that we worked together to finsh the task, because of this I feel that I have developed a better understanding when placed in charge of tasks.
  2. I feel I have learnt to communicate better in a group environment and how important it is to develop strong communication skills. This is one of the main factors that I feel our group struggled with during this task as we were not always able to connect members of our group, which often meant group members missed out on important information and meetings. From this I have taken this factor in particular on board and will project it into my future tasks, to prevent any similiar problems happening again.

About allyprentice2810

I am a young media proffesional, experimenting with different mediums of media to find my niche. Studying Media Production at Coventry University.
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