Cabinet Of Curiosties

A Cabinet of Curiosities was a often a collection of objects,that the collecter had interest in, both natural and man made. It would include artifacts of geology, anthropology, ethnography and archaeology, together with religious and historical relics and works of art. These collections were often put together by scholars, travellers, from around the sixteenth century onwards.  The idea of displaying a Cabinet of Curiosites often was what lead to expanding the cabinet into a museum exhibition.



Here are a selection of images I have found of cabinet of curiosties. Each  cabinet is presented in a differnet way, they are all made up of objects that the collector has interest in or wanted to present to the world.

 The term cabinet of curiosities is given to describe a personal collection of items, that interests or excites the person collecting them. Over the summer we were assigned indivual tasks that involved keeping a cabinet of curioisty ourselves, using a variety of media texts and objects that inspire us and things we like and dislike.

I decided to present my cabinet as a scrapbook which I designed the cover to be made up ripped strips of newspapers, to capture the media conscept and to be creative. In my cabinet I tried to include things I liked and disliked and the things that inspired me. 

I have posted a few images taken from my “scrapbook of curiosties”. I mainly focused on what I interested me and what inspired me. One of the main themes I focused on within what inspired me was “advertising”, I have always had a passion for adverts especially car adverts – because I feel that they are very creatively projected to the audience members and It inspires me as I would like to be able to produce media texts of that quality and to be able to experience with filming footage.

 I have posted a few videos from youtube – I anaylised the videos in my scrapbook therefore I felt if I posted the videos on to my blog, that way it is alot more visual and reading this people can understand my comments.


– Skoda Cake Car Advert. (Very well known , mainly for baking a car out of a cake but one of my top pieces of media film)

– Citroen Dancing Robotic Car ( Also very iconic in advertising cars.)



About allyprentice2810

I am a young media proffesional, experimenting with different mediums of media to find my niche. Studying Media Production at Coventry University.
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