Media Diary – First Day

Wednesday 10.00am(30 Minutes) Television – ITV Jeremy Kyle Home – Living Room
Wednesday 11.00 am(15 Minutes) Newspaper (Free) Metro On the bus to the University
Wednesday 12.30 am(60 Minutes) New Media – InternetRadio  Google, Hotmail, Facebook

Mercia FM

Home Computer
Wednesday 2.00 pm(90 Minutes) American Film Die Hard with a Vengeance (1995) Home – Bedroom
Wednesday 4.00 pm(40 Minutes) New Media – Internet


Hotmail – Checking and Sending emails Facebook – Updating Status, Talking to friends. Home – Laptop
Wednesday 6.00 pm(60 Minutes) Television BBC ONE – BBC NEWS Living Room – with family eating dinner.
Wednesday 8.00 pm(45 Minutes) Novel 100 Years Of Disney by Dave Smith and Steven Clark Bedroom
Wednesday 9.00 pm(30 Minutes)

9.40 pm

(15 Minutes)

Mobile Phone 


Phone Call 


In house –Bedroom, Living room, Kitchen.

Watching Jeremy Kyle this morning, as it was the only thing decent on to watch. (Thats what you get for having terrestrial). I sometimes enjoy watching his talk show, I am a fan of reality tv shows however I feel that his show in particular can be very stereotyped and often represent people in a negative way. The people who appear on his show are often stereotyped to be portay a lower class of people, this is illustrated by the clothing and appearance. I feel that they are often judged and stereotyped by the audience and viewers before they know all the facts.

  The Metro is a free newspaper that can be often found in a news stand placed on buses. I often read the metro while I am traveling on the bus as I feel it is an interesting. It features an over view of the news stories that are relevate. It also includes movie reviews and televisions guides, which forms a similiar layout to other existing newspapers e.g the sun, the daily mirror, the daily telegraph.


  Here are some images of the metro newspaper. I took these pictures in particular to portray some of the reasons why I read this paper. Image one represent the articles featured – this one article interests me particular because it involved a teenager being jailed for refusing to reveal his password to police, after they  took his property including his laptop.

Image Two – This is also a photograph to represent the articles featured in the newspaper – this story features the death of Tom Curtis and how Jamie Lee his Daughter pays tribute to him.

Image Three – This represents the front page of the metro, on this issue it presents an large image that fills up the whole front cover, advertising the new film “Wall Street”. In this selective issue there appears to be a constant theme running through the paper, keeping with the advertisement of the film. Including film poster printed on a full page layout to draw the readers attention to the film and nothing  else.

Sometimes when im out and about or even sitting in my room, I put the radio on. I love how you can have the radio on yet be in the next room. It gives the opporunity to have something to listern to while you are occupied with jobs. However I have to say one thing that really annoys me about the radio are the adverts, they really get on my nerves and I feel they are always being played, alot of the time it isnt songs being played its adverts.


About allyprentice2810

I am a young media proffesional, experimenting with different mediums of media to find my niche. Studying Media Production at Coventry University.
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