Reflecting on personal media diary

Reflecting on the use of media over the past three days  – Does anything surpise you about the findings.

Looking back over my media diary that I have documented for the past three days, a number of things I have noticed have surpised me, In particular the amount of new media I use on a daily basis. It surprises me to see that I use social networking such as Facebook and Twitter alot,  I knew that I was a regular user but it surprises me and shocks me alittle that It dominates my daily routine. Especially now that most mobile phones have the facebook application making it much more accessable for users. Therefore It appears that I use more new media technologies then I had orginally thought.On the other hand this does not surprise me as I feel the world we live in is now very revolved around technology and sometimes It feels that you have to adapt to the world around you. Also I guess growing up through the developments of technologies makes it easier to adapt to the changes.

I also can see that music plays a big part in my daily routine. This does not surpise me as my Ipod is constantly on me and I often listern to it whenever I am travelling alone. I am surpised however that I did not watch more American television/ films as I feel I spend a lot of my spare time watching American programs.

If someone else were to read your media diary, what do you think it says about yoursef , If they did not already know you.

I think if somebody were to come across my media diary, who did not know me. I think they would notice I am quite interactive with social networking, which could portray me to be a young person/teenager. However saying that,  social networking is used by a variety of different aged groups and has become very popular therefore it may be tricky to catergory the person to an age group.

Also they may notice I watch a fair amount of television. This should not be seen as uncommon though as one in thrid house holds own atleast two television sets, most likely more.


About allyprentice2810

I am a young media proffesional, experimenting with different mediums of media to find my niche. Studying Media Production at Coventry University.
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