Pitt Rivers Museums – University Trip To Oxford :)

In order for us to gain research into the cabinet of curiosties group task we had been assigned, we went to two museums in oxford – The Pitt Rivers and The Ashmolean Museum.

Upon arriving in oxford at the Pitt Rivers Museum, from the outside It appeared very grand and elegant. Once entering the museum, I was very amazed and excited by how many exhibitions there were inside and to how much detail there was for the work on display. The particular exhbition we were exploring had three floors displaying many objects in indiviual cabinets for specialist areas. 

G – Magic,Masks,Music

1. – Tattoos, Toys, Tools

2.- Shields, Spears, Samurai


Here are a few photographs that I took while exploring the pitt rivers museum. Displaying the interior design inside and the display of the cabinets.

At the Pitt Rivers Museum, what most surprised me was how many artefacts and objects were being displayed, and how the cabinets of curiosties were so much bigger and grander then I my initial thoughts. Each cabinet was filled with all kinds of objects from cultures around the world. From Clothing to Footwear, Bags to Jewellery, Weapons to Surgical Equipment. It was a great experience to be able to gain so much research from seeing all the variety of cabinets that were displayed in the museum.


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