Group Work – Media Institution – Metro Newspaper

 The group task for this week involved researching into the ways the media institutions function. Within the group we decided to instigate each person a question to focus on and to research that particular section of the insitiution. We decided to choose the metro newspaper and began researching into how the instiution works and what other companies they currently own, as well as a number of other areas.

Here is the research that we found –

What is the name of the company that produced/produces  it?

The Metro was first published in the UK in March 1999. It has grown and there are now ten different editions of the paper covering 16 cities, including Dublin that launched in 2005 (a joint venture between Metro UK, Irish Times and Metro International).

The Metro is the UK’s only urban national newspaper, distributed on public transport networks such as trains, trams, buses, underground and in high traffic commuter zones. This newspaper is now read by almost 3 million adults nationwide.

Editor: Kenny Campbell
Managing Director: Steve Auckland

Associated Newspapers Limited (ANL) is the management company for five major newspapers – Daily Mail, The Mail on Sunday, Evening Standard, London Metro, Ireland on Sunday and the advertising publication Loot. Established in 1905, it is a subsidiary of the Daily Mail and General Trust plc (DMGT). Associated Newspapers Limited is based in Kensington and also has responsibility for Harmsworth Quays, the London Docklands plant at which it produces all London, the South of England and South Wales editions of the Titles

Is it a major of Independent?

The Metro newspaper is a free daily newspaper published by Association Newspapers Ltd it is availaible for the general public Monday to Friday and has been in business since 1999 when it was first published in London. However know the massive corporation that is the Metro can be found all over the United Kingdom and is very popular on all forms of public transport, for example tubes and trains for commuters in the morning “rush”.

The Metro newspaper is definitely a major company, we can tell this now by how it is distributed in such large masses all over Britain, when most people travel to work in the mornings most of the public do read the Metro, it involves quick and easy news stories which are informative and entertaining. The paper combines aspects from tabloids and broadcast papers and put’s it together to target a mass audience which is what it has maintained successfully since its first edition eleven years ago.

The Metro keeps growing in size and popularity over time, its short and to the point features make it easy for commuters to carry around whilst travelling as it is not too heavy or bulky in size. The paper has easily managed to stick to its brief of targeting a mass, varied audience successfully which makes it easier for me to answer this question about how the paper is a major company.

Who owns the company?

Associated Newspaper Ltd Owns the metro newspaper and is part of A&N Media. Associated Newspapers is one of the largest publishers of national newspapers and consumer website.  In the Daily Mail and The Mail on Sunday, They publish two of the UK’s most influential paid-for newspapers, as well as, in urban daily Metro, the third most-read national newspaper.

A&N Media unites Associated Newspapers, Northcliffe Media and A&N International Media under one banner to create consumer media brands that people love. – Quote taken from the A&N Media Website.

A&N Media, is a consumer based media company of DMGT plc, It is a leading multi-channel media company bringing together some of the UK’s most-loved brands. By doing this through national and regional newspapers, websites and mobile services, we connect over 41% of the UK’s adult population with over 100 million consumer projects per month.

DMGT – Daily Mail and General Trust is a British Media Conglomerate. One of the largest in europe.

Senior Management team

  • Kenny Campbell– Editor Metro

What other companies do they own

The other brands that Associated Newspapers Own.

  • Daily Mail
  • The Mail on Sunday
  • MailOnline
  • Metro
  • 7DAYS
  • This is Money
  • Travel Mail
  • Weekend
  • You
  • Live

What is the turnover of the company Associated Newspapers revenue (£m)

Associated Newspapers- Own the Metro Newspaper- Revenue of 876 million in 2009, Revenue of 988 million in 2008, Revenue 986 million in 2007

Metro Report 2010- £398 000 net profit in second quarter of 2010, however the company still recorded  first half lost of 5.3 million after a 5.8 million loss in the first quarter of 2010

Report 2008- Average 1 358 537 per issue- Metro

Report 2008- Luxembourg based Metro reported net loss of 1.5 millionfor second quarter of 2008

Report 2007- Lost more than 8.3 million during Metro’s first few weeks on the streets of Dublin

Report 2007- Net loss of 14.3 million to 102.5 million in first quarter of 2007

Report 2005- Metro account for 30 000 to 40 000 of the The Sun’s lost sales

Metro (UK): Circulation 1.3m Unique browsers, 1.7m/day, 4.4m/month


The Metro newspaper is a free newspaper but all companied have to make money to run so they make money a number of ways. The Metro recieve revenue through advertising. See rates are made depending on colour, how many words they want and the size of the ad. Large advertisements that fill the newspapers are also a way how they make their money.

Classified ads make The Metro newspaper money as having pages purely to advertise  things like jobs,  property, education, travel and general things will increase the revenue. Personal ads such as people seeking companionship brings home some money for the company as depending on how big and how long the ad runs for this will enable The Metro to carry on making good money.

Free community newspapers like The Metro save money by including content but contributors who works for free or for little money. The newspaper also saves money by filling it up with reader’s opinions or feedback from previosly posted articles.

Companies benifit  from advertising in free community newspapers because they reach a large and wide audience with 1.2 million people reading The Metro everyday.


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