Indiviual Task – 105MC – Target Audience Groups

Target audience can often be spilt into particular groups based upon age, gender, economic status, educational background etc. The categories A, B, C1, C2, D, E are commonly used.
A – Upper Class
 B – Middle Class
C1 – Lower Middle Class
C2 – Skilled Working Class
 D – Working Class
E- Lower Class


This Citroen Car advert I would say is targeted at A/B people on the social class.  I would associated it with Upper Class and Middle Class people because to have an expensive car it portrays them to be successful and to be in a higher place of power.


 I included films in my cabinet because I love watching films – In terms of including categories it depends on the genre of the film.  For example you could argue that films of historical fiction such as Pride Of Prejudice and Emma would have a stronger A catergory because it is a portrayl of the history of there class.

Analyising Group Work This Week – For this weeks group tasks, we decided to choose talk shows as the media object we hated. We have also included piers morgan as a hybrid with talk shows because the group members all share a dispassion for Piers Morgan. Therefore as Piers Morgan has his own talk show we wanted to try and combine these two media objects and include both in the research task.

We decided to head to the library for the group dicussion and there we choose the media object and began choosing questions to ask  the media audience, we chose to do the research in a questionaire format because it is a familar form of research, that the members of the public and people we ask will feel comfortable doing.

The categories A B C1 C2 D E – did cause a little bit of confusion at first within the group as many of us has not come across these categories in our past media experience. After researching into the categories we felt more comfortable to when performing the research task.


About allyprentice2810

I am a young media proffesional, experimenting with different mediums of media to find my niche. Studying Media Production at Coventry University.
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