The 72 Hour Media Challenge Countdown :)

In todays seminars we were set the next group assignment – the 72 hour media challenge which consists off looking at the work of University LipDub, where a group of students have produced music videos filmed in just one long shot, no editing or numerous shots.

This is one of the first videos we looked at, My first thoughts was that its a pretty impressive piece of media and its very catchy and fun. It must have been a very fun project to all be involved with.  So based on the work that the Univeristy Lipdub have done we were set an assigment that followed on from the work produced in the videos. Using a narrative to construct our new video. After the lecture we went into our key concepts groups (B1,B2,B3,B4,B5) from here we were asked to come up with 10 narrative ideas that we would need to present in the seminar in the afternoon.

Here are a few of the best ideas that my group came up with, that I then presented to the other B group members in the afternoon seminar.

1. Representing students life – based on the career choice. Have a student dressed in the clothing/ using objects that represent what they are studing/wanna be. e.g Guy with guitar = musician/ studying music . Girl dancing =Dancer or Actor –  Dance/Performaning arts. Representing being together at the same university that makes us stand together but the different degree choices makes us different. Although we are at the same university we are all studying different subjects.

2.  Showing the dreams, aspirations of the student which leads them to grow as a person, None of us are going to be the same person at the start of university to the end.

3. The story of passing something on either a symbolic object etc a photo album or coventry university hoody – passing on the dream ?

The rules:

1. It must be produced as a group with all members of the seminar group agreeing to the object and all taking a part: in producing it. It is important that all participate in this activity as the object that you produce will be the object that you each analyse and reflect upon in the final assessment for the module.

2. One member of each group should participate in liaising with the other groups in your seminar group. To ensure that all the sections go together to form a seamless media object.

3. You must use the skills and equipment that you already have access to. There will be no specialised skills instruction for this task.

4. You must carry out a proper risk assessment for each location that you shoot in. The sheet can be found in the Download of Module Documents section of the blog space. If shooting outside of the University, make sure that you have obtained a copy of the University’s Public Liability Insurance certificate from Reception in the Alan Berry Building.

5. It must be uploaded to your group blog by 11.00 on Friday 12th November. You should keep a copy on USB as a backup.

6. It must not contain any material where the copyright is owned by a third party.

During the seminiar Group B2,B3,B4,B5 all presented their group ideas and from that we tried to work out an idea we could all agree on and that was doable in the time we have been given. In the end we put a few of our idea together and came up with a narrative that felt could be best put into practice and do-able based on the time we had left.

– The idea is based on running a race to get to your dreams. Having signs displaying dreams this way > and a few people running towards there dreams – people falling over to symbolise that not everyone will achieve their dreams and people will hit obstacles.

Filming Locations – Plan A – Cathedral streets surrounding.  * However we did experience a few problems already as we were informed that they are building around that site tomorrow which puts us in danger I guess as that was to be our filming location. As long as we have a risk assestment form ready to hand and our careful, I think that problem is fixable.

Plan B – Grassy Area around Cov University Campus.

Plan C- Skydome Walkway

(Location will be expanded in the Filming Plan).


About allyprentice2810

I am a young media proffesional, experimenting with different mediums of media to find my niche. Studying Media Production at Coventry University.
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