3 2 1 Action – 72 hour challenge

9 am outside Ellen Terry Building began the start of the filming for the 72 hour challenge. First we waited for each of the groups to arrive, set and ready to roll. Things didnt look great If im honest, the weather was beginning to set a drizzle rain atmosphere outside which was going to bring problems up for filming outside in the location decided.

Once everyone had the members in there group, B2 as they were filming first went out and began to get ready on the location, We followed not long after as we were filming straight after them so we needed to make sure that we were rehearsed and ready for when they finshed. B1’s group was very organised and after a few rehearsals they began shooting there segiment. As I was the team leader/communicator I needed to keep a close contact with Rebecca George as she was the team leader for B2. I felt that I performed this role very well and Rebecca knew what she was doing, which helped me to organise my group and get ready for the next group.

Filming did become a little problem with B1 (My group) As we had to wait for group members arrive which didnt help as we were short for time. I didnt want to keep B3’s group waiting too long as they were next to film after us. I made a rough filming plan last night which had the lyrics on, which helped while rehearsal.  As the piece of music that our group had to act along to had lyrics to it, which was a great challenge for some of the members of the group because they didnt feel comfortable enough having such a short amount of time to get the filming done. It didnt leave us with much time to rehearse the timing and filming order. However I feel that my group worked really well, under the stress and manic we were under, we all worked together and tried to make the best of our segiment.

Good points of todays filming exercise –

* Everyone had a role – based on the filming plan I did- It made the people in the footage appear to have character and to follow with the narrative.

*Even though we had a short time to rehearsal everyone was very effiicent and quick to step up to what was needed to be done with the filming.


About allyprentice2810

I am a young media proffesional, experimenting with different mediums of media to find my niche. Studying Media Production at Coventry University.
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