72 Hour Challenge – Reflection upon task

Once we had been set this 72 hour challenge, we all went back into our small B groups and discussed ideas that we had and our thoughts to the challenge ahead of us. We tried to come up with at least 10 ideas. (Easier said than done) We all struggled with this; however we came up with 6 final ideas and continued to discuss the next step in the planning stages.

Next one person from each B group went along to the seminar and pitched the best idea that the group had, B1’s narrative idea was based on the theme of passing a symbolic object on E.G A photo frame signifying personal memories, linking a strong feeling especially for a student living away from home. We thought about setting it in a baton/relay style race. Our idea was then added onto by B4 narrative idea of running a race to reach your dreams. This was the basic foundation for our Lip dub idea.

If I am honest, not everyone was happy to go with the idea. Many people B2’s group in particular didn’t feel comfortable with the idea and this brought up a debate with the B group during the meeting Wednesday 10th evening. However the leaders of the individual B groups

Myself – B1

Rebecca George – B2

Leigh Smith – B3

Mira llieva – B4

Jamie Hall – B5

Took charge of the discussion and tried to make sure that everyone’s own groups knew what was going to happened, so we were ready to film on the Thursday morning. As this task in particular was to a tight deadline, I wanted to make sure that my job as group leader was fulfilled by keeping my group well informed or the decisions previously made at the seminar with the other group leaders. Also to make sure that we planned every task to make the filming run as smoothly as possible. The key was to be organised and using the time we had efficiently.

I have been working with B1 for several weeks now, I feel we all get on and work together and there is definitely room for improvement but I feel that by working on this 72 hour challenge that it has pulled us closer as a group. One of the problems I feel that made this task difficult was the fact that between us we did not have much media experience, some of the members in the group had never done media before. I felt at times that I was the most dominant group member, doing pre production tasks such as storyboards and filming plans. However every member in the group get very actively involved and threw themselves into our group segment. It was a challenge filming the segment but we all worked to the best of our abilities and using the best of the time we had to perform the task.

Omari Ward filmed our segment as he had the most experience in film production, I was going to film myself but I felt more confident in having someone whom had more experience, especially as we had such a short time to complete the task. Setting out to film that Thursday morning, one of the first problems that arose was the condition of the weather and how the location was not very safe. As it had been raining over night and was beginning to get heavier which put the group in a problem whether to change location e.g. inside a building or to stick it out and try to film around the weather.

We decided because we liked the location and didn’t want to move as it fitting in nicely with representing Coventry in the segment that we would work out the best solution to work around the safety hazard. This did prove very slightly difficult as people would be running and representing movement, it was dangerous for the people running on a wet surface. However we worked around this problem by choosing a safer ground to run on and slowly jogging to be cautious.

From this 72 Hour Challenge I feel personally that I have learnt a lot from this task, things I feel I need to improve on for future tasks and things I feel I did well which has given me confident to put it into practice more often. One of the biggest things I learnt was how organisation and planning is vital in any media production, also having communicating with the people you need to is key to making sure everybody knows the task in hand and helps to run things more smoothly and doesn’t waste anyone’s time.


About allyprentice2810

I am a young media proffesional, experimenting with different mediums of media to find my niche. Studying Media Production at Coventry University.
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