160MC – Assignment Two- Audio Drama- Planning + Development

Assignment two – Is to produce a short audio drama of between one -three minutes in length. It will be based on an incident taken from our cabinet of curiostites subjects life.

Notes taken in group disscusion. – PLANNING STAGES


For this piece of audio, we had a group discussion on what we could take from jasons life, as he is only nineteen you could argue that he hasnt really lived yet so we found it a challenge as to what we wanted to use to present jasons identity.

As Jason is 19, hes very young and you could say hes experimenting with things in his life, learning and trying new things. So the event we took from jasons life was a when he spilt up from his girlfriend, who he had been in a relationship with for two years or so. He was caught cheating on her while out at a club with his friends. He was drunk at the time and didnt exactly plan to cheat on her. This particular event in his life begins to represent jason as typical young lad, (not saying that all lads cheat at 19, but you could say he is native and doesnt really know the reactions of his actions.

We talked about displaying this event by forming a set of answer messages, Jason would check his phone and have a number of voice messages from various people.

– His Girlfriend :Being very hysterical, Upset, Angry,- As if shes just found out and its the raw pain shes feeling to knowing what he did.

– His friend : Checking how it is and just checking in with him for a chart – A comfort friend

-The girl he met at the club- Innocent call reflecting on the night, (Almost like a call back from a date).

– Girlfriends Friend – Ringing to leave him a very angry – “If you ever do this again I will hurt you and you will know how it feels, Cant believe you did this” – Supportive of the girlfriend, sticking up for her.




 These are Photographs that were taken while editing in the radio station room in the ET building. We were kindly given this room for an extra hour as the basement had closed and we really wanted to continue editing on jasons messages.

I had not previously dont much editing using any of the Adobe programmes, so to begin with I found Adobe Audition quite challenging to use but the more practice I got on editing together jasons audio drama the more confident I felt.



About allyprentice2810

I am a young media proffesional, experimenting with different mediums of media to find my niche. Studying Media Production at Coventry University.
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