Indiviual Task – Narrative


For my print based media object I choose the book Nineteen Minutes by Jodi Picoult.  The factual context for the narrative is based on the true stories of the shootings at high schools in America. E.G the columbine shootings. The fiction context for the narrative is constructed in a story based on around a 17 year old boy who has been bullied throughout school and in an act of revenge he takes his own back by shooting his enemies and fellow students.

Torodovs Linear Narrative Structure.Torodovs  theory is based on 5 steps displayed through a series of events. Using Torodovs theory in this media objects narrative follows this structure :

-Equilibrium (Everything is calm and events are in order)The story begins showing the main character Peter Houghton in his childhood days and his  relationships  with his best friend Josie Cormier.

-Disruption – The bulling starts for Peter by the popular gang at school and Jodie becomes part of that gang cutting off all connection with Peter as he is the uncool/geeky kid and she’s doesn’t want to become unpopular.

Recognition – As Peter grows up and the bullying continues he tries to stay out of their way and keeps his head down. (Events are put in place that identify the problem being recognised)

 Attempt – Josie tries to protect him and tries to make things better by       stepping in when the bullying takes place.

Enhanced Equilibrium – The bullying stops – As Peter takes revenge on the people who inflicted the bullying by targeting them and shooting them dead. It doesn’t particular come to an equilibrium but as time passes things move on and regain some structure.

Propps Notion of Character Functions within Narrative uses character types that have often produced the foundations for most media products e.g. Films, Novels, Newspaper Articles.

Hero – Peter

Despatcher – Josie

Villian – Matt and friends

Donor – Dad

Helper – Peter’s Friend

Princess – Josie

I found it particular different to use Propps character theory for this media objects because I personally feel that it does not fit very well. For example you could class peter as the hero because he takes action against the bullies and stands up for himself and other people who have ever been bullied but I’m sure you can class someone who murders his fellow students a hero?.

Torodovs Linear Narrative Structure. 

John McClane is a new York Cop who comes over to LA to visit his wife  for the Christmas season. After Holly’s building gets taken over by terrorists . With no way of anyone getting in or getting out, John must fight against them to save everyone before the building blows up.

Equilibrium –  John arrives in LA to visit his wife during her office party, everyone is having a good time and the drinks are flowing.

Disruption – The terriorists take over the building and take the colleagues as hostages. The events begins to unfold in the narrative.

Recognition – Johh McClaine sees what is happening and tries to contact the authority to figure out an plan of action to save the hostages and get rid of the terriosts.

Attempt – Following on from contacting the authority, John takes the situation into his own hands and begins to fight back but going after each terriost and trying to shoot them before they shoot him.

Enhanced Equilbrium – John defeats the gang of terriosts and takes control of the hostage situation and the building is safe again, while John and Holly go home and celebrate Christmas. The bad guys lose and the good guy wins. – Creating an equilibrium because all events are calm and to a sort of normalisation.

Using Propps Theory  Of Character Functions

For this film I feel that Propps theory works successfully because this narrative structure is an action genred film which is constructed into a hero’s quest to overcome the situation in hand.

Hero – John McClane

Villian – The Terrorists

The False Hero –

Donor – Police officer Al Powell

Helper – Al Powell

Princess – Holly (His Wife)

Father – Holly’s Boss

Doctor Who (Tv programme)

Torodovs Linear Narrative Structure.

Equilibrium – The episode always begins on a happy note – The narrative is being set for the episode. Nothing out the ordinary, All events are calm and normal.

 Disruption – An attack or something happens to change the atmosphere and change the events. E.g in Series 3 Episode One: Smith And Jones The Hospital is transported to the moon, Everyone begins to panic and chaous begins to set in.

Recongition – The actions of the people in the hospital indicates the event is having an effect on the atompshere therefore it has been recognised

Attempt : The Doctor tries to work out what has happend and the best way to solve the task. Often involves confrontation with the enemies (Aliens) that have attacked.

Ehanced Equilbrium – The enemy is defeated and everyone is safe and earth is restored to its orginal status.

 Propps Character Functions

Hero – The Doctor

Despatcher –

Villan – The Alien /Enemy

The False Hero –

Donor – Assistant

Helper –The doctors Assistant – Martha,Donna,Rose

Princess – The assistant is always in danger and in need of rescusing.

Father – A few occasions Authority figures have rewarded the doctor.


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