Research Post Into Audio Drama

Audio Sound Recording: Drama
There has been a discovery!
A recently discovered artefact, an audio recording of an incident from your Cabinet of Curiosities subjects life.
But this is no ordinary recording, it is a key dramatic moment from their life, an incident that changed their life and captured without their knowledge then buried, hidden away until now.
What is the incident? How was it recorded? Where and by whom?
What we would like you to do in your groups is to team up with an actor/actors and produce a short audio drama of between one and three minutes in length of this incident.
The subject is up to you; the number of actors you choose to work with is also your decision.
What you will need to do it to:
• Decide on the number of characters in the recording
• Write the audio script
• Decide the time period
• Decide upon a location, interior or exterior, rural or city?
• Consider the range of sounds that you will use
• Day or night? Sounds are very different at different times
• Meet regularly with your ‘cast’
• Attend the Audio Skills workshops

Following on from the cabinet of curiosites and carrying on the life of our character “Jason Calvert” the next stage was to pick a moment from his life and present it in an audio drama.
As Jason is only 19 years old and it was challenging as to what we could use to present as an event that has happend in his life. As he is still quite young, you could argue that he hasnt lived and would not hold the experiences that say a person of 40 years old.

However because Jason is of a similiar age to myself and my group, we discussed what we wanted to use a jason incident and came up with the idea of Jason cheating on his girlfriend. We wanted to display it through a set of voice messages that were on jasons answer message.
We had a idea to record a scene where Jason cheats on his girlfriend with a girl at a nightclub on a night out. This would engage the audience listerning to the audio drama as it would be as if the drama is happening “live” and that way it would feel as if we were all there.
However due to lack of organistation we decided to scrap that idea but still stick with the voice message idea and to present it in a way that made it sound like jasons was listerning to his messages.
As Jason travels alot, he would be checking his messages when he gets back from his travels.

Audio Drama’s –
Before Television was invented, the radio would often provide entertainment such as soap operas and dramas.

The Archers is one of the most popular ones I have heard about so far in my research. To millions of listeners of the long-running Radio 4 series The Archers, the voice of Phil Archer represented quiet, unemotional sanity in the increasingly turbulent drama of everyday country folk living in the Borsetshire village of Ambridge.


In the Archers studio in 1954 with Ysanne Churchman as Grace (left) and Norman Painting (right) voice of Phil Archer.

Greg James ( BBC Radio Presenter) meeting a few of the actors from the drama series today.


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