Voice Message Reflection

After putting together a rough copy of the audio drama and playing it to the class we took on board all of the feedback that was offered and began to head back to the drawing board, not completely but after hearing the feedback I personally felt that we needed to re-evaluate and work out what needed work.

– Thursday 2nd December. We got the audio equipment out of the loan shop again and myself, Jenny, Alex and Scott recorded the last few voice message clips we needed and wanted to update and replace the others.
We decided to re-record Jasons Friend message because the feedback suggested that it needed to sound more realistic and as if the friend was supporting jason and concern for him. We re-recorded the message in the common room of the university because we wanted to have voices and an lively atmosphere to represent a social environment.
The location is similiar to when we recorded the first friend message however the first message included other friends voices in the message and it starts to become a conversation between jasons friends, although he is leaving a voice message jasons friends overhears the message and butts in.
By re-record the message it made for a better message, Looking back during the editing process it was definetly a better move to change the message. In the end process we unfortanely ended up not using this sound clip, as other sound clips
fitting in better with the narrative we were trying to project through the audio drama.

We also re-recorded Jasons Voice Message as we experienced a few problems with the actor we had original used and unfortanely could not get hold on him again to re-record the audio pieces we wanted. This led us to having to find somebody else to be Jason and to record the new voice message. Alex stepped in to the role and we experimented with using his voice to be Jason, as Alex is from yorkshire he naturally had an accent so we it was fun challenge to try different accents, as Jason is orginally from the isle of wight we were alittle concerned about having too much of a strong accent but as he travels alot we figured it may not matter too much.
Looking back upon working with the actors, I have to say I was very dissapointed as they were unrealiable and often hard to contact, although we had everyone’s contact details it was often hard to get through to them.
Towards the end of the project before the editing stage began we had to use ourselves and record our voices to be used as characters in the drama. Although this did make things slightly easier on recording the clips as most of the groups members were with me alot of the time and also very easy to contact, It did through the concept of working with the drama students out the window. As one of the points to the excerise was to interact with the drama students and make friends/connections. Therefore we did not succeed very well on this part.
Reflecting back on the audio clips so far –
As we had audio clips from the first time we had the actors together (25th Nov) and now the new clips filmed on the 2nd december. The next step is to apply the new clips to the draft we have and to download phone sounds to add to the audio piece to make it sound more realistic. As our idea is based on a set of voice message left on Jasons answer message – After he comes back from travelling he checks the messages. We had a narrative that is meant to help structure the messages.

– Jason had been caught cheating on his girlfriend while travelling and the voice message follows his the feeling his girlfriend is feeling, how his friends react to whats happend, his sister checking in on him and the girl he met at the club ringing to see if she has a chance of meeting up.

For the phone effects we recorded some ourselves, I personally had a go at voicing the ladies voice you usual here on the answering machine.
– You have seven new messages
– Message Deleted
– End of Messages
For the beeps and other tones we looked to the internet and researched into the sounds we needed in order to make the voice messages sound as realistic as someone listerning to there messages.

– After using all the phone effects and sound effects, our audio drama finally took shape of being a voice messages left on Jasons answer machine. Looking back through the editing process, there are always things you can improve with and theres is always something you could have done better or changed. This is of course the case with our Jason project, there are many things I personally feel we could have done better.
For example, during one of our group discussions we talked about having a short drama piece at the beginning of the audio drama, just before the messages kick in. As we were short on time and were concerned on editing the voice clips to get it ready for finalisation, we unfortanely left this idea out. However looking back on this idea and on how the audio drama turned out, Using the live drama at the start showing what happend…e.g Jason cheating on his girlfriend at the club may have added a fresh perspective for the audience, As it would sound live and real, as if the audience were at the scene themselves.
Although we did not use this idea, I feel that our voice message idea was very relevant to the times we live in now and reflects Jasons life very well. As Jason is only 19 years old, Im not saying that all young people specificly males cheat at that age, but it represents Jason as being very young and slighly native to how your actions can affect the people around you.


Dan recording with the actors

Myself with the actors – (Playing Jason’s Girlfriend)

(Jason) 🙂

Scott – Over seeing the audio recording


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