Editing in Adobe Audition – Sonic Postcard

After uploading the sound recordings into Adobe Audition, We firstly listerning to the clips using windows media player to work through each clip and rename it, this helped us later on when we went to edit as we could select the files that we wanted to use straight away. Instead of previous experiences where we need not re-name the files and we unfortanely had to spend extra time siving through the folders and deleting the files we didnt need and rename the ones we needed to edit.

As we were unsure on how to put together all of the sounds to produce our sonic postcard, we went back onto the internet and did some more research into existing sonic postcards that had been produced and distribued on vimeo. When watching the sonic postcards we found that there was no real narrative or structure to them, any the ones we watched we often found ourselfs confused as to what exactly is happening and what the purpose behind the postcard was, as my definition of a postcard is something that explains or defines a meaning or an object/location or place e.g another country or city.

Here are some of the videos I found on Youtube. I also found some on Vimeo but cannot upload the videos directly from there so I have posted the links.




These are examples of existing sonic postcards that I found on internet, researching into sonic postcards before setting out to fufill the brief helped myself and the group to understand what they were and what the point of producing this media object would be.

Listerning to existing sonic postcards, we found that they are only between 30 seconds and a minute. More often then not they are shorter, as ours has to be between one minute and two minutes we tried to develop and absorb all of the information we could from watching and analysing these postcards. Although it does have to be between 1-2 minutes, we made a group decision to only produce the postcard between one minute and 20-30 seconds, we felt that 2 minutes would be too long and people would loose interest.

Editing so far- Tuesday 7th December


After placing the audio files into audition, we decided to choose a background clip that could act as our beat, and from this we worked out what sound could keep in time with the beat and as we began to experiment we could see a rhythum amerching which became very catchy.

Here are some photographs to show the work developing in audition. This photo (left) shows audio clips in the mulititrack, we often muted the track to listern to other clips as we often spreaded them out over two or three tracks. We found it much easier to work this way as it allowed the person editing to experiment with the audio clips with more space to work in.


Instead of playing sounds next to each, we wanted it to sound different especially in comparision to other group audio pieces. As there seemed to be a constant theme of “A day in the life of” and representing a day of someones life. Which is not a bad idea however if everyone is doing similiar ideas then nothing will sound orginal.


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I am a young media proffesional, experimenting with different mediums of media to find my niche. Studying Media Production at Coventry University.
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