Sonic Postcard Development

Today we went out and re-recorded more sound clips for the sonic postcard, We recorded last week also but listerning back over the clips, I personally felt we needed more sound clips. Its always better to have more to work with then less. The plan was to get everything recorded and then edit it and plan what sounds we thought worked the best and how best it was to arrange them into an order.

Before we set out to record we made a mental plan, discussing within the group the places we wanted to record sounds, what effect it would have if used in the sonic postcard, If it was a good sound to record and if it was going to be benefical to our idea. Once we had figured out what we needed to do it was then easier to go to each place and record the sounds.

– We focused more within the West Orchards shopping centre and wanted to record and capture as many different sounds we could. It was challenging having to listern to the sounds around us as I never normally listerning specificly to the sounds around us.

– We experimented with recording someone being at a cashpoint and the sounds you hear while getting money out and typing in the pin. We also recorded the atmosphere of being inside a lift and the recorded message that plays when entering and leaving the lift.

– We recorded peoples voices, laughter and emotion and the odd converstation although this can be classed as not a sound, or not a strong sound compared to say footsteps but we wanted to record it to see if it could be used when we went to edit it all together.

– We recorded within the shopping centre, this was challenging as there was lots of sounds within one place and when listerning back to it on the marataz, we did this to see if there was any point in carrying on recording more pieces if the contept was not working. We wanted to capture the shopping atmosphere with shoes walking, lively movements, converstational talk. The idea had a good meaning behind it and it could be developed further but there was too much going on. Developing from this we decided to focus the postcard within the west orchards shopping centre, this way we could structure the sound clips around this idea.

– Using the Marataz 660

Since being assigned these two audio pieces to do, I had never previously had much experience with recording sololy using audio equpiment. Since using the marataz I feel have learnt a lot from using the equipment and develop throughout the production of this project.

– Having the knowlegde to use this equpiment properly has helped to to develop better skills with using technical equipment which will help me in future projects.


About allyprentice2810

I am a young media proffesional, experimenting with different mediums of media to find my niche. Studying Media Production at Coventry University.
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