Genre Indiviual Task- (Late post)

Group Task –

Group Task : Choose a genre in any two of the following areas.

  • TV Shows
  • Films
  • Advertisements
  • Electronic Games
  • Magazine Articles
  • Social Networking

1. For each one list the defining characteristics of the genre :

We decided to chose action as the genre we wanted to focus on, Theses were the conventions we all came up with in the disscussion, many of the conventions came from anaylising action films we had all seen.

Online Definition found on

  • Action films are known for having a few characteristics that run throughout the genre. They are always fast-paced, have a (usually male) hero-centered narrative, a beautiful love interest who will require saving, and a multitude of guns, explosions, chases, and dangerous stunts.
  • They always contain big chases – were the characters are running down streets/roads often in dark and isolated locations.
  • There is always a typical dominant male figure who is stereotyped as a tough, strong, macho guy. (Not to be messed with)
  • Films and Advertisements usually contain an antagonist and a protagonist to maintain a hero/villain structure within the narrative.
  • The Narrative is usually fast paced with lot’s of stunts and action scenes. For example; battles between the hero and villain, usually on many different forms of transport to intensify the action including; Car, Boat, Plane, Bike etc.
  • There always tends to be a twist, not so much in advertisements but in films you sometimes get a twist that keeps the audience interested. For example, good character turns bad or a betrayal of some kind, this keeps the audience gripped wandering what could happen next.
  • There is mainly always a soundtrack when action occurs. This is definitive for advertisements especially car adverts, for example the new 2010 Vauxhall Astra advert is perfect when analysing how car adverts establish action within the narrative.
  • After watching the advert it is clear to see that the sound track intensifies the narrative. The characters at the start seem like a male and female pairing however towards the end the stardom is placed upon the car and not their relationship. The car is made to seem like it is “profound for the red carpet” with its Hollywood lifestyle, also the fact that it goes from a suburban setting to an urban setting shows how it is perfect for all kinds of lifestyles.
  • This advert in ways imitates film trailers with its upbeat sound track and urban feel to the genre. It is clear to see how far car trailers for example have come and how they are now made out to seem like short films.

2.  Write a brief, outline propsal/characteristics of a new object within that genre (for example a brief description of a new soap, storyboard for a TV ad etc)

We decided to do a brief outline for a new short action film. The story is about what  you would do to seek revenge and how far would you take it to get back at the people who hurt you.  Two guys Ben and Jake  have been involved with an robbery inwhich they attacked a guard who is on duty. Ben and Jake  run away from the scene leaving the man lying in his own blood. When the guard comes round and is on the mend, he is very curious into the two robberys who willing left him to die and begins to do a bit of investigating himself.

3.  For one of these objects, think of a way that you could change it to a subvert the genre conventions. What effect would this have on the audience?

– We were thinking of including shots in the teaser trailer that represented signs of a humour which would change the narrative from an action genre to a comedy genre.

Advertisment for the film:

  • Media adverts for the film, including video will be used before feature films at the cinema, and commercials on the TV. Beginning with shots that depict the action genre, the commerical will be cut in half. The latter half will show signs of the comedy genre, but will be screened after various other commercials. To be precise the advert will be cut in to two seperate mini videos.
  • The stereotypical nature of advertising generally means that a male character is normally used to show an action genre. To oppose this, the character of the elderly lady could be identifyed as the main lead character.
  • The concepts used in the video adverts will also be carried on through the use of print media. Using two seperate billboards, two posters will be produced, one depicting the action genre and one depicting the comedy genre. This in turn will help to create suspense from the audience, with only one half of the film trailer being viewed at one time.

Splitting the advert in to two different sections will therefore attract fans of both genre. Typically, those who have a particular interest in the action genre will/ should show an interest to that particualr part of the advert and vice versa.

(  I was actively involved with the group task, but misread the sheet and forget to include my indiviual task to my blog. My apologies)

Reflecting back on the key concept which is genre, I dont feel I have developed much more knowledge then before as I studied in at A-level and I feel that it is a basic concept of media that is important to grasp but not hard to understand.

I attended the seminar that week on “genre” with my group member Tom Sullivan. Attending this session however challenged my perspection that I had of genre. We talked about how more films these days are experimenting with “hybrids” and that genre are becoming very broad and can become difficult to classific films especially into specific genres.

The film “Paranormal Activity” was a good example of this point, as it is classified under the horror genre however clear key conventions of the horror genre state that blood and gory scenes and effects are what makes the audience identify it as horror. However Paranormal activity did contain any of these conventions, It was more of a thriller, pyscholocial horror.


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