Reflecting upon 161mc module so far…

Today we were introduced to the new module of 161mc – creating impact in media production. So far I have learnt that the module is going to be looking into how we as “media producers” can use the resources around us to us to create an impact. One of the strongest resource we have is of new media technologies, as my generation in particular has been brought up through the constant developments of technology, I feel we are more familiar with the advancement in the world around us. Also looking into the different methods of distribution and creating products at a professional level and the impact it has and why.

Photoshop Skillsworkshop –

We experienced our first workshop on the module which was based on how to use Adobe Photoshop and learning the basics. I have used photoshop a little in the past, mainly during Alevel Media Studies, even then it was just using the basic tools and I never felt like I gained much of a  skill for using the software. I am hoping during this module that I can experiment with Photoshop and other various design software to advance my skills in using software to produce media products.

Workshop – Steve Dawkins.

The main points we discussed during the workshop were :

*Having an “online presence” and about how important it is for us as media producers to be actively using the technology out there. 

*The growth of production and how a lot of website seem to be centered around the user and contain a lot of user generated content.

Youtube Printscreens

The workshop brought up a few interesting questions that I had not previously even thought about. We were each given a website to go and look at in more depth then we normally would when using the site. My group were given the BBC website to look at,

Looking at the BBC website we looked at what the interface elements were and how and if they worked at giving the user more control over the website.

*The new interesting interface that has been introduced to the BBC website is widgets, each section e.g Sport,Television,Radio,News,Weather can be moved around the page, allowing the user to change and make the page suited to them. For example if the viewer didnt wish to know about sports but wanted to be able to see the weather updates, they could simple click on the weather widget and move it to a postion they wanted on the page.

Other key interface elements include

*Search Bar                                                                                                                                          *Allows the user to type in postcard and the information will be centered around the area they live in. E.g Top stories, weather is all centred around an area, making it more personal to indiviual.                                                                                                                                            *Widgets solve the hassle of having to open up new pages it has everything all in one place. News, Sport,Weather, Radio, Iplayer, Television,Children etc.

Other groups looked at websites such as Youtube,Amazon,IGN (Gaming Website) and we all found similiar findings: We discussed these as a big group and found the following findings.

*Each Website gave the user the feeling of being in control and being empowered by that control, however although it does appear that the user has the upper hand this is not the case. As the information of these websites has been specificly chosen and placed on the website, although we can pick and choose which information we watch and read it still has been placed on there for us and not by us. Youtube is slightly different as the content on there is mainly user generated meaning that people who use youtube have uploaded their own content therefore the videos have been uploaded by them and for them. However even on Youtube the content is selectively chosen based on what you view, they use this information to control the things you should watch. They know you just watched the lastest harry potter trailer therefore they suggest videos that you may want to watch based on the knowledge they have from you. So are we really interfacing with these websites? 

Lastly we were left to begin thinking about what it means to have an online presence? and how the type interface will affect us as media producers now and in the future.


About allyprentice2810

I am a young media proffesional, experimenting with different mediums of media to find my niche. Studying Media Production at Coventry University.
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