Interface elements and Functionality VS User Generated Content


Retail Site: VS News Site: BBC

When looking at the retail first thing you notice as a user of the site is that the menu bar has many different sections, displaying all the different categories the products fall under. Scrolling across the sections brings you a drop down menu where you can explore further. All of this helps the user to find the product quickly and efficiently, also they can use the search bar which works the same way, with the search bar there is also a drop down menu to select the category the product fits under. For example if you were looking for a DVD you would select DVD and then type the name of the film.

The layout of the page doesn’t change very often so the brand identity is comforting to the user because they recognise it very quickly and feel they can trust the company. The colour scheme also helps to identify the company and the logo of a play button is recognisable.

The site is fairly easy to use, with the interface elements it helps the user to work their way around the website and explore the site, by making it user-friendly it helps the user to be able to buy things easily. Very similar to the BBC site, this news site is also very user-friendly as it contains interface elements which help the user to interact with the site. Such as widgets containing the different sections of the BBC displaying the information can be moved around to transform the site to how the user wants. If the user did not want to read the sport they could simply move the sport widget box to the bottom of the page.

In terms of User Generated Content, has a feature which can display the items you last viewed,”Recently Viewed Items” very similar to amazon and also sometimes they display suggestions of items that have been top sellers. “Top Cd sellers”. The BBC also features evidence of User Generated Content, such as a widget that allows you to set the information centre around the area you live in. e.g The Weather, The Top Stories.

Facebook Profile VS Smartphone (Blackberry) App (Twitter).

Facebook is well known for being a social networking sites and many young people especially these days are on it. I think personally Facebook is run mostly on Generate user content as your profiles are your own, you can have any picture you want as your profile picture. You can add anyone, talk to anyone, post on their walls. Therefore a lot of the information on Facebook is generated by the user and not Facebook itself. It does give the user a sense of empowerment as you are in control of your own online presence through facebook.You can post your own videos up, pictures, links. You select the information you want to post to your friends.

By having applications features on a smart phone it means you can access social networking sites on the go and can be connected anywhere you go. I personally use my twitter application on my blackberry quite often and I find it easy to interface with, although it isn’t quite the same as experiencing the website on your laptop/computer, it still keeps you connected with friends and the world on the go.

Both of these sites allows the user to listen to any track they choose and to be in control of their playlists. Although they do use the songs you have previously listen to as a way of suggesting other artists you may want to listen too. This is based on User Generated Content therefore it is based on the user but again is a way of the media trying to promote artists and songs.

YouTube tends to be centred more about User Generated Content I personally think, Because it is a place where people can upload videos they have produced themselves or are sending a video on for others to see. YouTube is a user centered website, Without the user content the website wouldn’t be as successful as it is. Vimeo is also a very similar website to you tube, it forms a community made up of people who have a passion for uploading videos, distributioning their own products.


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I am a young media proffesional, experimenting with different mediums of media to find my niche. Studying Media Production at Coventry University.
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