3.2.1. Action – Filming Day for “High”.

Meeting Actors

Thursday 20th January – Et Building- Before the big filming day, I thought it was a good idea to arrange a meeting with the actors so the other group members could meet them and vice versa. What I hoped to achieve from this meeting was for a chance to speak to the actors face to face, as previous contact had been done over facebook or phone. Also to be able to talk them through the characters we wanted them to play and to talk through the process and what the next step would be.

The meeting was rather short but I felt it was very successfully. We talked through the script and both actors Mitesh Patel and Sophie Gardner read through the script and got an understanding of their characters. I spoke to both of them and asked them if they had any concerns or problems which they did not, the time left gave the group members and the actors time to bond and connect. Hopefully by arranging to meet the actors before filming it would break the ice and help the actors to feel more comfortable working with each other in the days to follow.

high_revision[1]  – A copy of the Emma Fielder Revised script.

The Shoot

After the meeting on Thursday, We decided as a group that we should film on Monday 24th January. We had met the actors and they were happy to film and we had found a location that suited the script therefore we were all set to film.

The Location was based at my house, therefore I took on the role of sorting out the paperwork needed : risk assessment forms and permission forms for the actors.  A few of the group members : Emma Fielder, Jessica Wilkinson, Alex Blaikie and myself met at the Ellen Terry building monday morning at 9 am to book out equipment and to transport it to my house. We needed to get a taxi because of the distance and the weight of the equipment. I had arranged for the actors to be at the location for half ten, which would give us enough time to get all of the group members at my house and time to set up and to be ready for when the actors came.

Once all the group members were present : Alex Blaikie, Emma Fielder,Jenny Sheen, Jessica Wilkinson and myself We discussed group roles within the production team. Emma was apointed director as we were using her script which meant she had a higher depth of understanding of how each shot was to look. We all took it in turns to work the camera and sound because none of us had much experience other then Emma in filming a production.

Setting up :



Emma drew up a shot list which entitles what we needed for each shot and the location for each shot. This helped when we began filming because we all knew what was needed and allowed filming to run a lot more smoothly, with everyone in the same page.



Shot list (Left) Risk Assessment Form (Right)

I was in charge of one of the first shots, This was when Alex played the workman and Sophie was to answer the door to him. I did it find it tricky filming this scene at first because we were filming in the hallway which was very small and tight, it didn’t give me much space to maneuver the tripod or allow much access to move. Putting that a side, I felt quite confident filming and using the camera with Emma’s direction. It was an exciting feeling to be responsible and incharge of that specific scene and its your decision how you shoot it and the angle the camera is postioned. I felt I did a good job in this scene and It was a a great experience to have the chance to film. We all took it in turns within the group so that we all got an experience with using the equipment and being placed in that responsibility.


Next, Jess and Emma filmed shots from the outside. We wanted to have the shot from different angles.


Towards the end of the filming, I felt a lot more confident in myself and with handing the equipment. It has definetly opened my eyes up to the possibility of furthering my skiills in filming. I would like to do more filming and to experiment with using different equipment.

Looking back over the shoot on a whole there are a few things we could have improved on :

* I personally feel that as a group we could have explored possible locations before we made the decision to film. I felt that at times during filming there was not much room to manover the equipment or to work in. This is not neccessary down to a bad group decision or a bad decision about location, I just dont think we took all things into consideration when filming.

*We did experience a few problems reguarding actors as orginally we wanted four characters. Two males and two females, unfortanely we had to use one of own production team to play one of the smaller roles of the workman. Also we didnt have another female character we had to improvise and leave the role out. It affected the script quite alot because we had to cut a few scenes out which disrupted the rest of the script.


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