Enchanted – A story with many fairytales influences

Before the ideas could start flowing I wanted to do some research into fairy tales and the history of where they began.

I was watching Enchanted the other day and I hadnt realise it before but this story is made up of many different fairy tales and the elements that make up the success of the fairy tales helps to give the narrative a fresh yet comfortaning look.

The main fairy tales that are used within the narrative of enchanted are : Snow White with the poison apple that the evil witch disguisted as the old lady gives to giselle to try and kill her. In the story of snow white she was always portrayed to have a love for animals which again is very strong element used in enchanted.


Also key elements from sleeping beauty are also evident : with the idea that “true love’s kiss” will save the princess from the deep sleep that she is under. Only the prince being her true love can save her.

Cinderella is another fairy tale that has a strong influence in the narrative :

In one particular scene the evil witch tries to kill giselle and the prince and as she runs out to help save him she looses her shoe. A key convention used in the story of cinderella.  Another convention takes the part where cinderella has to clean the rooms and scrub the floors for her ugly step sisters, Giselle also is cleaning up using her animal friends to help, Again a very fairy like convention.

The film enchanted takes the classic elements that have made fairy tales so successful and adapted them into a more modern time. The film uses the foundation of all fairy tales and fits it into a narrative that fits in with the time. Enchanted shows the story of a princess called Giselle who is on the search for her prince and true love’s kiss, sounds like a typicial fairy tale right? But the twist of the narrative is that Giselle is sent to new york a very strange and new place to her happy ever after land. Throughout the narrative key conventions are used and developed based on fairy tales we all know and love. I think personally thats what made Enchanted very successful with its audience because its almost re-telling the classic fairy tale of a princess searching for her prince but targetted it for a new fresh perspective.


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I am a young media proffesional, experimenting with different mediums of media to find my niche. Studying Media Production at Coventry University.
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