Research “People to People”.

For our next 160mc assignment, We have been asked to produce an 3 minute documentary piece about someone who we feel is a good subject to document on.

I have personally found the beginnings of this project to be challenging and alittle difficult. My first problem was finding somebody that I felt would make a good project. I started by producing mind maps and writing down a few subjects that the narrative would portray and then trying to link people I knew and could you use to them subjects.

My first initial idea was to do a piece on the work people do in other countries such as Africa,Uganda. I first became interested in this field when I heard a talk my friend did about her lastest trip to africa and how she helped set up schools for the children there, and how she is helping the children to read and write. Hearing about this project really inspired me because it is such an incredible thing to be helping people who are less fortunate then us. I feel a lot of the time we take things for granted living in britain and if you compare our lives to people living in other countries across the world, we realise that life is pretty dam good. We see poverty in the news and we hear about it a lot through various charities trying to raise money but I dont think we ever really see and be thankful for what we have in our lives.

Unfortanely I could not get in touch with my friend and she is currently getting ready for another 6 month trip, which did leave me having to venture back to the drawing board.

However I still wanted to stay with the same idea of reflecting on the work many people do in other countries and to credit them for the work they do. Luckily enough I have another friend who worked along side a charity called World Vision and has previously been doing work in  Ethiopia.


David in Ethopia – Spending time with the children.

Exisiting Documentaries.

I have been researching into documentary’s as I feel it is important to research before we get to the filming stages. Personally I have never filmed a documentary before therefore I feel more confident with abit of research in the bag so we can work out what makes a successful documentary and what doesnt, which will give us a foundation to work with.

These video links are all of 3 minute documentries I found on Vimeo. I did try to post them as videos but for some reasons they would not work, so for now I have just posted the weblinks. – Pockets

This Documentary, I felt was very interesting and kinda funky as it talks about items people have in their pockets and what they mean to them. Some items have more of a symbolic meaning to them and is often something that means a lot to them. I think it is an interesting subject because its has a personal meaning and every person in this doc has a different perspective on their item which brings a sense of life experience. – Documentary on the Tower Bridge in London.

This Documentary is different to the “Pockets” one as they both take different approaches to their subjects. As Pockets is portrayed with a more personal message intended for the  audience whereas this “Tower Bridge” one portrays a more of a informative theme, speaking to tourists or history enthusiastics . – Overlook on New York

Again this documentary shows an overview of some places in New York you could visit if you were on a trip.  It is a different style of documentary, Its more of an informative piece rather than documenting on something. – “Wait for me”

This Documentary was one of my favourite ones I have found so far. This piece is very moving and has some very good shots that makes the visual message far stronger. Looking at this piece in particular I feel that this one of the best examples of the emotion we hope to capture in our documentary.  This one we look at specificly as a group as we wanted portay the deeper message of Rhys’s grandads situation and to portay to the audience how it has shaped his life.


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I am a young media proffesional, experimenting with different mediums of media to find my niche. Studying Media Production at Coventry University.
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One Response to Research “People to People”.

  1. Ken Fero says:


    In terms of your plans for this film you mention cutaways. Do not restrict yourself to cutaway shots, at the very least try to capture images that are integral to the idea. The classic cut away would be a shot of hands which can be dry. Consider some shots in extreme close up (such as eyes) or an object in the room that relate to the subject. Observational or actuality filming are always stronger than cutaways also, if thats possible.

    Make sure the mood of lighting in the cutaways match the interview to avoid jumps in atmosphere.


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