My Poetic Eyes- Bit of an evaluation so far.

After presenting my “poetic eyes” poem in the workshop a few weeks back, I wasnt 100% happy with my poem but as it just a rough draft to show the rest of the peers I wasnt too worried as I had time to develop it and to make it into a best copy.

I have been thinking a lot about my poem the past few weeks, I came up with a new idea for my poem. I guess in way its not a very new idea as my original consept was about poverty and how it affects peoples lives. I am not sure on how I am going to present it and have not yet got any words for the poem but I am considering making my poem about “Fairtrade”. I feel it will be a good subject to base my poem on providing I can produce a strong poem and visual it with archive footage and images. Fairtrade is often a subject that is is not highlighted as much as it should. It is a very life changing project that can have strong postive effect on the people living in poorer countries.

Unfortanely I decided not to go with a poetic eyes based on fairtrade this time. However I have made a note and may come back to it in the future as I still like the concept of doing work around fairtrade as I feel it a very good project. I would have liked to produced something now as it is fairtrade fornight, but I will save it for future ideas and may possible create something to highlight the cause.

Reflection on Poetic Eyes.

I found it difficult at the beginning of this project, I feel it may have been because I was pressuring myself to get it done and meet the deadline rather then focus on the quality and concept of the poem. At the start I wasnt sure what I was going to do the poem on and I felt rather frustrated at times because I wanted to do a express something that meant a lot to me and that I could show a passion for but I found it difficult.

The quality of the video is also very poor, when I was editing the footage in premier pro I did stretch the pictures to fill the frame but unfortanely during the exporting of the video file something went wrong, so the video came out with the wrong settings and it didnt fit the screen. However I have learnt from this for the next time I am editing, I need to be careful with what file type I am exporting it as.


About allyprentice2810

I am a young media proffesional, experimenting with different mediums of media to find my niche. Studying Media Production at Coventry University.
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One Response to My Poetic Eyes- Bit of an evaluation so far.

  1. Ken Fero says:


    Its not an advert for Fairtrade thats needed, worthy though it is, its images and words to make people wake up to what’s happening and encouraging them to do something about it.


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