Artefact One – 161MC (Task One)

The Banner

For my banner, I decided to present it in a style using frames to portray a gallery look. I chose to have the background a light, natural colour as this represents the gallery/ museum feel. Also with the frames I kept them a similiar colour to colour co-ordinate with the wall and to keep the theme.

Having three frames in total, two either side displaying images and the middle with a quote. I read this quote “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams” and is inspired me and I thought it would be a good postive quote to have on the banner. Either side of the frame are two frames with inset images, I was trying to express my few of my ambitions using the images etc cameras = photographer, passport = wanting to travel, inbox/email = developments of technology. I do feel the images could be better as they dont indicate a clear theme which doesnt give an significant message to anyone entering my blog. As the header is the first thing people will see when going onto my blog, Its a good postion to set out a clear message or to display an representation of either my proffessional ambitions or personal life.

The Photoshop Development.

  • Firstly I opened a new page with the measurements 960 x 198 which were the requirements for the header. This would allow me to create on the page and upload it as the header simply and easily.
  • Using the rectangle tool, I drew a rectangle to fill the whole banner and made it a earthly sandy colour from the colour panel.
  • After finding a picture of a frame from google, ( I was going to take my own photograph and use that but I didnt find a frame that looked right). I uploaded it onto the page and using the free transform tool I adjusted the size and postion to where I wanted it to go. Doing this two more times to present three frames in total.
  • When the frames were in postion, I uploaded the images into each frame and using the free transform tool again, I slotted them into place and resized them to look right.
  • For the middle frame, I used the text tool and selected the size I wanted the font to be in and then double clicking on the layer then brings up a box called layer style, this is where you experiment with how you want the text to look. On the left hand side there are different sections, I clicked on Stroke. Here you can change the size and the colour which produces a colour blob around the text to double the word and add an impact to the word. I went with a blue font and a black colour around the text, as contrasts against the background.

 Heres a little video I did using Camtasia software, illustrating how I made the banner in a screen capture of myself working in photoshop. It helps to visual it better 🙂



About allyprentice2810

I am a young media proffesional, experimenting with different mediums of media to find my niche. Studying Media Production at Coventry University.
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