Off To Cardiff We Go….

Richard Lindsay

When we first started this “People to People project” and chose the subject to be on Richard, Rhys’s grandad we had discussed about travelling up to Cardiff to film there as Richard lives there. We felt it would be better for him not to have to come all the way down to Coventry when we could go up. However the idea never really got off the ground and we just began planning and organising for the trip he was taking down here to see Rhys. We figured as he was coming down we could film then.

After discussing all of the groups ideas in the workshop friday (25th) afternoon the idea of travelling to Cardiff and filming there arose again and after much consideration we decided we would go to Cardiff.  Everything from then has been a bit of a panic, its all under control of course but I just want to make sure everything is organised and ready, so nothing goes wrong.

So far :

Tuesday 1st March : We had another group meeting situated in the ET mac room, where we discussed train tickets. I also spoke to the loan shop to ask if there would be any problems booking out equipment for sunday/monday. I had a feeling it would be okay but I wanted to check first. Rhys booked his and Gurraj ticket and I did mine and Jennys, We thought it would be easier to book in twos as it wasnt fair on the one person who had to buy four peoples tickets in one go.  We are going from Coventry station to Birmingham New Street and from there we are going straight to Cardiff Central. We are going for the 9:07 train sunday morning and coming back 11:45 monday morning. Rhys has spoke to his Grandad and he is more then happy to put us up for the night in his house, Jenny,myself and Gurraj were happy to stay over in a hotel but Rhys said it was okay and they had plenty of room. However as a plan B I have looked into hotels we can stay at, it just means we will have to spend more then we had ancipitated on a room.

I also booked some of the equipment out from the loan shop, for friday afternoon due back monday afternoon. However there was a problem with cameras and I am yet to have booked out a camera which I am alittle concerned about but I will try again tomorrow morning and discuss it with my group members and find the best solution to this problem. Rhys and Gurraj spoke to Paul and Bex about equipment and Gurraj did a list for me so I booked out what they recommended. We also have a tape.

So thats everything up to date up untill now. Roll on sunday. 🙂

I Shall post a production post as soon as I get back with images and lots to talk about.

Here is a video using Camtasia software of the developments of our group discussions using a group we created on facebook.

Friday 4th March : 16:00 – ET Loan Shop.

The time had finally come to get all of the equipment out for our trip to cardiff. The list of equipment consisted off :

2x PDX10. They were not the cameras we had orginally planned to use, but unfortanely we found it very difficult to get any Z1’s or Z5’s therefore we got what we could out as we needed a camera and I personally didnt want to risk leaving it any later then (thursday) to book out the equipment.

2x Manfrotto Tripods – As we had two cameras we felt it was only right to take two tripods. Even if we used one of the cameras to do held hands shots it was a “better safe then sorry” situation to take both.

4x XLR Cables – We got more xlr cables then we probably should have but again as we were traveling down to cardiff we wanted to be safe even it meant carrying more equipment atleast we had it on us to begin with.

2x Mic Stands – One short and One long- this was my decision to take both as I felt we wouldnt know which was more suitable untill we got to richards house and planned where we would film from.

1x Microphone.

2 x Battery Charges – Incase we needed to charge the batteries over night or for a period of time.

1x Dedo Lights- As we wont know how much lighting we will need untill we assess the location.


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