Talking to richard. Skype Call + Phone Call

25th February

After our 160mc lecture, we set up a group meeting in the basement of ellen terry where we tried to set up a skype call to richard so we could talk to him more about the project. Rhys suggested we do a skype call because it was half term and his family would be down with him and could help set it up for him, plus rhys has it on his laptop also therefore it made talking to richard a lot easier. However unfortunely due to technoloical problems we had to bail out of this and change to a phonecall instead. Before we rang richard back we made a list of key words to help promt us on the things we needed to discuss. We also read some of the questions we wanted to ask him so he could get a feel of the type of things we would be disussing on the day of the shoot. We will also be emailing the questions ahead of the shoot day to help familiaise himself and have time in advance to think about his answers.


Here a few photographs I took using my Blackberry phone to document the meetings. They are not brillant and hopefully for the days of the shoot I will be using my Canon 450D which should produce a better quality of pictures.

During the phonecall we talked to Richard and began to discover his character and develop an understanding. It was not as successful as it would be if it was a face to face meeting but unfortanely due to the fact he lives in cardiff, at the time we felt It would be the next best thing as We wouldnt be talking to him untill he came down. Richard seemed very up for the documentary and didnt have any issues or concerns and was very friendly on the phone.

We finshed up the meeting and planned to discuss more on our facebook group over the weekend and following days. The plan was to start to get things ready for when Richard comes down on friday the 4th of march and discuss storyboards and what shots we wanted and how we were going to visual it.


About allyprentice2810

I am a young media proffesional, experimenting with different mediums of media to find my niche. Studying Media Production at Coventry University.
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