Artefact Two – 161mc (Task Two)

160mc projects : Jason – Creating cabinet of curioisties character, Poetic Eyes, Cabinet of Curiosites.
For my artefact two I decided to present it on a prezi and my three 160mc projects are: My Cabinet of curiosties this is presented in the way in which I have taken one subject from my cabinet and used that as my theme and used it to develop a narrative. I felt that photography was very relevant and be used in an interesting way together with my other two projects.
My second project was taken from the audio drama/cabinet person: In which I used our character “Jason” and as he has a passion for photography this is where my idea develops from and is the foundation for the narrative.
My narrative consists of portraying Jasons journey as he travels the world taking photographs and using different new media tools to display his work.
My thrid and final project was using the poetic eyes concept and trying to develop the poetic concept using photographs that “Jason” had took.
Hopefully combining all of these three projects together has created a brand new narrative exploring Jasons life and introducing a whole new chapter through is photography journey.

Using a screen capture tool called Camtasia, I have produced some videos of Jason experimenting in photoshop. To show a rough idea of the tools and effects he used on the photographs.
The photographs are not brillant, but I wanted to show Jason using software such as photoshop to show the development of his work and how he is at the beginnings of editings his photographs.

( Watch up to 3:08. For some reason after that it goes black.



About allyprentice2810

I am a young media proffesional, experimenting with different mediums of media to find my niche. Studying Media Production at Coventry University.
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