Goodbye Coventry….Hello Cardiff :)

Sunday 6th March 2011

Team Extreme : Myself, Gurraj Sandhu, Jenny Sheen, Rhys Thomas Lindsay.

08:30 – We all headed to coventry station, each bringing the equipment we all took home friday night. We all spilt the equipment up so that everybody was responsible for a part of it. We wanted to give ourselves plenty of time to arrive and meet each other and find out platform. This was a good job really because we ended up moving platforms haha!.


09:07 – Coventry to Birmingham New Street.  We arrived at Birmingham New street around 09:30 and we then needed to get the train from here to cardiff, however it wasnt untill 10:30 so we sat down in a cafe and rested. The equipment is much heavier then you think especially when your not used to carrying it around.

10:30- 12:30 Arrived In Cardiff : From here we got a taxi from the train station to Richards house. They were expecting us and were ready to greet us when we got there. Both Richie (as he prefered to be called and Jean his wife). After we arrived we familiarise ourselves with the layout of the house and discussed where the best place would be too film and where the best camera angles would be situated from.


The Guys Setting up equipment 🙂


Ritchie with myself and gurraj                   –         Jean reading the paper 🙂

1:15-4:00- “Mock Shoot  + Filming + Bit of a chinwag.

Before we began shooting, although we had everything set up and the camera’s were taped and white balanced. We began just talking to Jean and Ritchie and trying to get them as comfortable as possible, they were a very talkactive pair which was great. They both had amazing things to talk about and were a delight to work with. After myself, Jenny and Gurraj discussed the final stages of the questions, We began filming and Rhys began asking some questions and just having a conversation really. We didnt want it to turn into a question and answer sessions, where Ritchie only answered our questions we just wanted the conversation to flow. I personally think it went very well, mainly down to the fact Jean and Ritchie were amazing to work with and they were happy to talk about Ritchies condition and how their lives are centred around Ritchies needs and his health.

15:30 – We dedicated some time specificly to capture cut away shots of old photographs around the house and of Ritchie himself. Jenny wanted to experiment with a shot of Ritchie where he is breathing in and out with the tube attatched to him, this was very good shot and we all decided it was a worthy cut away shot.

16:00 – We made sure that all of the release forms were signed and up to date, we should have prehaps got them signed before filming but we already had verbal permission to feature both Ritchie and Jean in the documentary we just needed to get a hard copy to support this.

Rhys Thomas Lindsay, Jenny Sheen, Gurraj Sandhu, Myself, Ritchie Lindsay and Jean Lindsay 🙂

I feel the concept for the people to people project was a very strong one and we made the right decision to go with this idea however I feel the visual have possible let it down. There a key shots and cut away which really capture the vunerable of our character but I feel some of the editing techniques have maybe let us down slightly. However I also feel that the things Richard says really captures the emotion and that is what is great about this documentary piece. There are things we could have improved on, Lots I would say however there are also some really great pieces in it. I hope that from this process I have learnt from the mistakes and will enforce that in future projects.


About allyprentice2810

I am a young media proffesional, experimenting with different mediums of media to find my niche. Studying Media Production at Coventry University.
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