160mc – Editing people to people : Evaluation and Reflection

Tuesday 8th March 2011

10:00 am – Getting Camera out of loan shop – Ready to capture.

Once we had got the camera out it was time to head down to the mac room and begin capturing our footage taken in cardiff, using final cut pro.

I personally was not particular feeling very confident about filming in final cut pro because I have not used it before and I also have not edited very much footage in my previous education. However I had got a book out of the libary on how to use final cut to be on the safe side, so that was there for me to refer to if needed. So once we had the PDX10 out and the firewire we made sure that all the settings were correct and then we began to log and capture. As it logs and captures in real time we had to wait for all of the footage to capture that was on the tape. Real time basically means that how ever many minutes are on the tape is how long it will take to capture. Unfortanely this was one of our main problems, as we filmed more then we actually needed and ended up with 35 minutes of footage when we only need 3. As you can see this meant we had ALOT! more footage to work our way through then we specificly needed. This was really frustrating because this meant we had to watch through all the footage and write down the timecode of the shots that worked and we wanted in the final edit but it was rather time consuming and could have been prevented, had we been better organised.


Editing in Final Cut


Jen Editing :).                                                              Myself having a go.


Group Editing

We spent all afternoon sorting through the timecodes because we are a little pressured for time we decided not to transcript, I know we may have made a big mistake by not doing this process but because we felt we had so much editing to do we all discussed what shots using the timecodes worked best and which we wanted to use and began finalising clips.

One of our biggest mistakes is while filming we only had one microphone and as we had orginally planned to just film Richard as our documentary is focusing on his life and how he gets on with things, we also ended up filming Richard’s Wife Jean. We had not planned this but after talking to them both she had a lot of interesting things to say and as we had brought two cameras we had the equipment to film her.  However now that we are at the editing stage this is where the problem has hit us because we filmed her facial expression and reaction shots but the sound was only recorded on the one microphone, therefore when it came to watching the clips back we had to sync the audio to the clips. This was very frustrating and time consuming. We did however overcome this problem but looking back now we should have filmed separately or them sitting together, filming bits and pieces was very stupid and It has definetly been a learning curve.

So now because of having two seperate pieces of footage, we are trying to piece it together. For most of today we sorted through both Ritchie’s clips and Jean’s clips, each of us editing in pairs, first myself and Jenny and then Rhys and Gurraj. This just allowed the other pair to be doing other work while the other pair was editing.

6:30 – Packed up and went home.

After a really long day in the basement, I felt it was time to call it a night. There wasnt much more we could do and everyone was feeling very tired and needed to go home. We will have a fresh perspective to carry on with editing tomorrow.

Wednesday 9th March

As yesterday we sorted out the seperate parts of Jean and Ritchie, It was time to attempt to place the clips in an order. I hoped by the end of today we would have a rough cut atleast however this didnt work out as best as we had hoped. We powered on through it though working through the clips and placing them in an order using the time codes we had written down when working out it previously. This made it much easier when it came to placing the clips together because we could pick out the ones we wanted out of the ones we didnt.


Guys working on editing —– Screen shot of the documentary in final cut.

The edit so far, has been very difficult and much harder then it should have been. I feel this is due to the fact we experienced lack of skills with using the equipment. For example before we were ready to film the interview, the camera was left on for no reason or benefit. As the documentary was only to be 3 minutes, I feel this action was unnessarily needed and set us back a lot of time that we could have spent focusing on the main edit. As this happend when we came to capture the footage, we actually had 35 minutes of footage and I’d say 20 minutes of this was pointless footage that we need not need. This was one of our biggest problems I feel because if we hadnt of needed to sieve through the footage and cut all of the pointless footage out we could have had more time to focus on the rough edit and then finally the best edit.

Also another problem I felt could have been resolved, was the fact we didnt have much cutaway material to use. We have a lot of photographs to use but we didnt get much actually footage to use as cutaways, which I was dissapointed about. Looking back now I feel that I should have taken more of a responsibility to of made sure we had enough cut aways to experiment with and use however I left it with the person in charge of that job. As it was there responsibility.

Reflecting back on the filming process on a whole, I feel we made many mistakes and a lot of things could have been done better . I feel it was mainly down to lack of organisation and being prepared. Maybe it was because none of the group members had done much filming before and were not very confident in the process. I have learnt a lot myself though during this project :

* I have learnt that Pre – Production is extremely important and it makes the filming process go much more smoother and helps to avoid any major problems arising because you are prepared for everything.

* That working in a group can be very challenging. I feel that I have learnt to be more organised (atleast I tried pretty dam hard) and that its very important to have good, clear communication with all group members.

* Leave plenty of time to edit and enough time to produce a rough edit, before final showing.


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I am a young media proffesional, experimenting with different mediums of media to find my niche. Studying Media Production at Coventry University.
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