Reflecting back over 161mc so far in this module…

So far during my time working through this 161mc module, I have learnt how to use many more web media applications and opened my eyes to a whole brand new way of re-telling a narrative. ( To pick just one thing out).

I have become a lot more open to experimenting with new software or websites to create mash ups of existing products or create brand new products. I have become very familiar with screen capture software in which you can record any movement that is happening on the screen at the time of recording. I think its very impressive and to be honest have used it a fair bit in my 161 module.


Here a few screen shots of the screen capture software ” Camtasia”

A few really good websites I have learnt and develop new skills in are : – I was really taken back by prezi, its a whole new way to present your information. It gives a  new,exciting and funky way of show your work off instead of using a powerpoint. I used Prezi several times in this module to show present assignments. I actually used prezi for my add vantage module presentation, I thought it would be a usefull tool to use as no one would much experience with using prezi before and maybe had not seen it in action. It brought a whole new presentational experience to the room.


Here a few printscreen shots of the presentation tool prezi.

Twitter: I had used twitter before and I am quite knowledgable on social media however I had never really used it before and was not a tweeter. Since starting this course I know post regular tweets and not have an application on my blackberry. I feel that because we have been using many different new applications it has widen my knowledge on what is out there ready for us to use and how simply and easy it is for us to begin creating our own products and distributing our work online, through various web 2.0 applications such as new media : Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and mashups such as “bed intruder song” distributed using youtube.

In what also here in this module that I have been introduced a brand new software such as “Dreamweaver”. I had never experienced dreamweaver before and although I did find it difficult to work with, I now have the skills and knowledge that can be developed with practice on how to produce websites. I did not use dreamweaver that much for this module personally because I felt I needed more time to get to grips with how to use the software and as a website wasnt essential for this module assignment term one, I did not create a website for any of my artefacts.


About allyprentice2810

I am a young media proffesional, experimenting with different mediums of media to find my niche. Studying Media Production at Coventry University.
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