A Comparison of The One Show (BBC ONE) vs Take Me Out (ITV)

For this week’s task, We are asked to compare and contrast the one show, aired on bbc one every evening between 7:00-7:30 hosted by Matt Baker and Alex Jones.


I choose to compare and contrast it against Take me out, aired on saturday nights between 8-9, presented by Paddy McGuinness.


I decided as the one show is broadcasted on Bbc One, the comparsion should be another channel to make it fair.

First up… THE CONTENT!



The one show talks about local news stories and has themes for each weekday show. For example the one I anaylised was aired on the 15th and advertised the up coming red nose day throughout the show. The content is both live courage and studio based converstations, when a guest is brought in to engage with the presenters on a topic the show is centred around.

The major difference between the one show and take me out, is that there both structured around different genres. Take me out is a game show therefore it will have similiar elements but most of the elements will be conventionally to the genre. Game shows tend to be based on a specfic idea the follow a set of rules which helps them to follow. They are mostly have a fun, playful atomosphere. Where as a show such as The One Show is more of a discussion show, where they over look the news stories or local events e.g 10 year anniversay of the eden project or red nose day.


The one show is broadcasted on the bbc, this is can idenified by the red colour scheme that runs through the set design and the design of the shows layout. They portray a equal representation of gender by having both a male and female presenter.


However because the game show take me out features a cast of female contestants, I guess by having a male presenter shows equal representation and the presenter has a bond with the male constestants that come on the show.


As both of these programmes are studio based, they have a sitting audience. Take me out has the audience in the studio as does the one show. The audience reactions have an input within the show, I guess as a audience member watching the show from home you feel that your not alone and that everyone is watching it together.

The Look

While watching the one show, I noticed that a lot of camera angles were used and a lot of fast cuts from each presenter to the guest and back to establishing shot of the studio. Although the shots were very interesting and kept the flow of the show going,  I personally felt that there was alot going on and it was often hard to keep up.  It may have become more obvious to me as i was anaylising it but I personally felt, although the camera shots were good they changed very quickly and too often I felt. Compared to take me out, Where there are more etablishing shots as the studio is big in size and to get the audience reactions, less shots are needed to show impact.


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I am a young media proffesional, experimenting with different mediums of media to find my niche. Studying Media Production at Coventry University.
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