162mc – Evaluation

Looking back over this editing process, One thing that sticks out firstly is how much time plays a vital part in editing. It is very important to make sure you give yourself plenty of time to put together a rough edit and then enough time to finalise the editing decisions and have a product your happy with. I personally feel I have not put this into practice as much as I should have, I have learnt from this as I am feeling very pressured down to the fact that I have not given myself enough time to experiment with editing techniques.

I have been using Final Cut throughout this project and have developed skills using this software, I have tried to experiment with using final cut but as I havent used it before its all very new to me althought its easy to pick up. I tried to experiment with effects and using the tools to make a successful edit. I think some areas worked better then others, In terms of effects I decided to stay with fades effects, I mostly used the cross-fade effect as It gave the feeling of time passing and helped to ease the scenes into each other.

Watching the short film back, I can see where the editing could have been improved on. I feel that within my edit the shots dont follow as easily as they should. The narrative should have a stronger structure. Although it is only a short film, I feel the script wasnt projected very well and having already experienced many problems with actors letting us down and not being able to follow the orginal script without making a revised copy, you can the evidence of it in the edit.

One thing that I feel could have improved is the sound, I did not decide to use a soundtrack or any sound effects. I regret it now looking back I think if i had used sounds or a soundtrack to fill the parts where there is no dialogue it may have added to the atmosphere I was trying to portray in the script. I think if i was to make another short film which I hope to do for future projects, I would research into sound more and experiment with how sound can change the atmosphere and style of the film.

I think one of the things I would do again is to make sure I gave the editing process enough time. I feel that was one of my biggest letdowns, I should have done a rough cut and then gave myself enough time to sort through it and figure out what needed to be altered and changed. Then here you could work out the mistakes that need correcting, for example I would have posssibly filmed extra bits again just to give myself more footage to work with in terms of editing. However I feel I made the best of what I had to work with, its not the worst edit ive ever done, I am happy with the overall edit and what I attempted to achieve with what I had to work with.


About allyprentice2810

I am a young media proffesional, experimenting with different mediums of media to find my niche. Studying Media Production at Coventry University.
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