162mc – Research

Editing is one of the most important and most crucial processes in the development of a film. The editors job is significant to making a successful production.

To start my research into editing techniques and the whole process overall, I used the lecture notes as a foundation to work with.

This video helped me alot to understand the concept of editing and how important learning the foundations of it and produce a smooth product.

I choose this clip from shaun of the dead because I feel this film is very well edited. One clip in particular uses fast cuts which all show a series of events but in the style of close ups and added sound to create a ergentence about it. For example this scene has a close up of the door, the keys and added together with a fast pace and sound effects it portrays to the audience that the character needs to leave quickly and also its an interesting way to lead into the next part of the film, without a basic cut.

Short Films

To start my research off, I decided to look into exisiting short films and analysis a few I liked in more detail, to get a better understanding of the struture of the narrative and how they the compostion is used in the mis-en-scene.

This was a short film, I found which in total is 7 minutes long and it the narrative follows two strangers on a train and at first the atmosphere of the filming brings across a sense of suspision by the way the characters body language and facial expression speak to the audience. There isnt much dialogue throughout the film, I dont think there is any needed to be honest It has a good atmosphere without diaglogue being needed. I think it has some interesting shots and it is all based on a train journey, therefore the mis-en-scene doesnt change but the narrative works well because it keeps the audience on edge throughout.

http://www.bbc.co.uk/filmnetwork/films/p00fk9sg – Time goes no where.

http://www.thesmalls.com/members/mattcameron/films/feet-for-hands.go – Feet for hands.

This one is very werid, it follows the narrative of a young male who has feet for hands. Its a very interesting idea for a short film, as im sure its something many of us have thought about. There isnt a lot going on in terms of camera angles but the editing is simple and the narrative makes for an interesting product.

I found this short film on youtube, I think its amazingly shot and the whole concept of it is very well edited.

I like the idea of having it black and white, I think the dark tone helps to create the sad, depressing atomsphere that enforces the narrative. By using the rewind effect it allows the audience to see the events in a slow motion and to watch the action infold before there eyes. After you see the event happend, the narrative shows what happend before which is a effectively way to keep the audience in the loop and also on the edge as to why it happend and you can learn to understand the emotion the characters are feeling.

Sacrifice- Award Winning Short Film. – 10 mins.

I found this one on youtube again, however it looks more of a professional short film it has been listed to have won awards. I liked this short film because it had a good storyline, it did have a sad ending but I think the impact of the events is what makes the film strong. I think the use of dark, grey locations helps with creating the atmosphere which helps the audience to understand the mood.


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I am a young media proffesional, experimenting with different mediums of media to find my niche. Studying Media Production at Coventry University.
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