162mc – Process and Development

Scriptwriting Process

At the beginning of this process, we were all asked to produce an individual script using the idea of a “knock and using it as foundation to develop a script idea. I personally found the script writing challenging because although I had many ideas, I felt difficult to project them into a script. It took me quite a while to finalise my script, I found it hard to layout the idea scene by scene and breaking it down. I did enjoy the script writing process and I would like to do experiment and practice in improving my skills in this area in the future.

I thought now was the time to reflect back over the scriptwriting process. I found it very easy to come up with ideas and seem to take a relax approach to them, however I dont think about the foundation behind the idea. Its all very easy to take off with an idea but if you dont think of a structure behind it chances are the idea wont get every far. This funny enough is exactly how I am feeling at this moment, When I first began this scriptwriting section of the module I began by getting all my ideas down on mindmaps.


My initial first idea has changed and development a lot since the first step and reflecting back on the process now has shown me how far the idea has come. The orginal idea was based on the narrative of a young girl born with or living with some kind of disease, later on it development into being born with a hole in her heart which makes her heart very weak and more vunerable then other peoples. Developing further on from this our group script idea involves the main character living with an illness either dementia or schizophrenia carrying on from my first ideas for the indiviual script.

In the narrative somewhere I wanted to include a surreal vision of a dream like perspective in comparison to real life. Sometimes I have experienced the feeling of not really being here, almost like your dreaming even though your awake and this is what I wanted to experiment with and try to portray this concept. As the main body of my narrative is set in a hospital environment with my main character “Ella” awaiting her next heart transplant operation I came up with two similiar yet different scenarios to how this dream like world could be portayed to the audience.

Firstly I wanted to show different scenes set both in the hospital environment and outside showing similiar events happening but one is a dream and one is real. I hoped that I would be able to project some kind of feeling of “what is the truth and what is the lie” and how do you see what isnt there.

 Secondly I wanted to use a set of flashbacks to show the characters past using real events from her life to portray to the audience a sense of what her life has been like, what effect the illness has had on her childhood days. Also showing future events, things that she has dreamed about and wants to happend in her future providing the operation goes well. With this scenario I hoped to inject a feeling on which my character would project into the narrative of having hope when things seem like they are never going to get better. Having faith in something we cant always see can be the difference between getting us through and making us stronger or giving up and becoming weak.

The Editing Process

After we captured the footage onto my hardrive, I decided to firstly watch all of the footage and create bins on final cut in which I labelled each one for the scene location. I had House shots, Garage shots, House Shots. My main reason for doing this was because during previous editing projects I often ended up with clips everywhere and it was very unorganised. This led to having to spend more time sorting through the clips each time, which became very time consuming taking the time away from editing. Therefore this time I wanted to avoid this happening again. I also made the decision to name all the clips I was using, making them easier to put in order on the timeline. By doing this , this time I feel the editing process has been easier to work through as everything was much more organised and it helped me to use time efficiently.

I wasnt sure the best way to begin editing the film, so I started by referring to the script and refreshing my mind with the narrative and by doing this it helped me to begin getting the clips into an rough order of events. My main concern was to get a rough cut of the short film ready and then I could begin sanding the edges and trying to improve the edit. One of the main problems I have found so far during the editing process is that I dont feel we filmed very successfully because there isnt much footage to work with. I am struggling to find different shots and angles to use which is making the edit much harder.

Many of the shots we had were ruined by equipment being in the shot and lack of material, this was rather frustrating as we couldnt use the shots as they were very unproffessional. Many mistakes were made during the filming, looking back now I myself have learnt a lot from this project and shall not make the same mistakes. I guess in the groups defence many of the members had not done much filming previously and it was new environment to be around. However the lack of composition is dissapointing.


I focused on trying to get on the clips in order of how I wanted the narrative to flow, It was difficult because as we began to work on our indiviual edits, many of my groups work began to look very similiar. I feel this was mainly down to the fact we did not have enough footage to experiment with and this left us having to all use similiar shots as each other because It was all we had to work with. I have come to realise that if the filming wasnt very successful the editing becomes very hard because even if have strong editing skills, if the footage isnt good to work with, it will ruin the edit. If i had more time I would have liked to re-filmed the script or filmed extra parts. I have definetly learnt a lot about this filming experience:

* To have stronger organistation skills when it comes to pre-production of filming. I feel the filming for this edit of a short film, was rather poor and it made it very hard to edit as there wasnt enough footage to use. The camera angles were very similiar and it didnt often any different shots or emotion.

* To be more efficient with equipment and my trying to use my time effectively, I didnt feel I gave myself enought time to edit, as I am still experimenting with editing skills and always learning I just think that It would have been a better idea to have used the time more carefully.


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I am a young media proffesional, experimenting with different mediums of media to find my niche. Studying Media Production at Coventry University.
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