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 31st March 2011

After our group discussion last week during the editoral workshop , we all spilt up into smaller groups to talk about ideas we each had about what our television show could be about.

Many of us had similiar ideas as each other, the main ideas that re-surfaced quite a few times were the following:

* Dangerous jobs: This involves discussing the most dangerous jobs- jobs such as in the emergency services which I felt personally would be a good one because it would highlight how risky there jobs are and what people go through each day to keep us safe.

*Child Safety : This involved either teaching children to be safe general or presented in a theme, The theme idea would probably work best as it would have structure and purpose. Theme could include things like : Road safety, Safety around the house, Key life lessons.

After a group vote we all decided to go with the child safety idea and to focus on teaching children to be safe. The target audience would be aimed at children aged from 3 to 6 years. The show must follow certain guidelines as outlined in the brief  : The show must last 10 minutes and include the following :

–          3 or 4 user-generated clips

–          An interview ( contributor’s should not be MP students)

–          A performance or demonstration

–          Evidence of Audience participation

The next steps once we were certain on going with the childrens show was to begin thinking about the style of show we wanted, although we decided on road safety how could we project this across to the children. As we need to use 3-4 VT’S we were all set the task of finding a couple of VT’s that we all thought were appriopriate to use and to post them up to our facebook group page, from here on the producer and director could file down the best ones and then we would vote for the ones which we thought would suit the programme.



 Here our just a few VT’s that were presented in the workshop, As soon as the decisions have been made as to which ones we are going to use, Sean who is VT operator will download them onto tape. I am feeling slightly anxious at the moment as I have not yet done a practice run through with VT’s included. We have done one or two using VT’s that we had in the studio just so that I could experiment with bringing the VT’s in and out of the show. However we have not yet done any practices that involve using our final VT’s. I have spoken to our producer Joe and he has reassured me that when we go back our first studio session back he will arrange that VT’s are included so that I can get familiar with the process.

From here We have discussed characters that would featured in the show. We disussed using animals as research into children’s shows its evident that they respond well to animals and can feel comfortable learning with these type of characters.


Notes taken during group discussion, Here shows the display of names we had for the characters. We talked about having a bear, owl , raccoon, fox, a variety of different animals and we were trying to go for a spot of alliteration with the name for example Barry the bad bunny, Ben bandage bear, Randy the risky raccon (this seemed a favourite!!.)


Gurraj’s amazing work in Adobe Flash creating the beginngs of our characters. Here is a mock up of Randy the Risky Raccoon.


Printscreens of posts on our group’s facebook page.

26th April

Myself and Sammie went into university to speak to the loan shop and to sort out a few problems we were experiencing with booking out equipment. Sammie tried to book the talkback and the headsets the previous day but she could not book it out, after talking to her I also tried it and had the same problem. I decided to speak to a few friends of mine in both the second and thrid year and they told me the best option was to go into university and speak to the guys at the loan shop. This is exactly what we decided to do, so I met Sammie at half ten at the ET building, unfortanely the loan shop was closed when we got there because of the bank hoilday the previous day the times were not normal. We tried again to book the equipment out using the mac computers but again didnt haven any luck. We did manage to find one of the loan shop guys and he informed us that there had already been a booking made in bex’s name and this was why we could not book the equipment out ourselves. He very kindly deleted the booking so that we could book the equipment out ourselves and Sammie got right on it. I also took it upon myself to book out what we needed being gallery sound I felt it was my responsibility. Having regular contact with our producer Joe, he was happy for us to book out the equipment and from this we discussed what was needed to be done before we had our studio session on thursday 28th.

Myself and Sammie decided to make a list and from this we shall bring up the issues in our group meeting that we are having before the studio session.


After making this list, I felt that we should have a group meeting before we have our studio time because we need to all know where everybody is terms of the roles and what needs doing. I spoke to Joe our producer and he said it was good idea, so I posted up a post on our facebook page to inform all group meeting and to get there feedback. The plan is to meet between 12 and 12:15 this gives us atleast half an hour for anyone to discuss any problems or concerns they may have. Also its a great chance to find out where everyone is and what work they have done so far, by having this meeting it saves us wasting time in the studio talking and hopefully everyone will be up to speed on where we are and what needs to be done from here on.

I am a little dissapointed that several members of our group cannot make the studio session, this is slightly worrying as we have two weeks before we go live and although we are a strong group and work well together it would have been a good chance to get everyone together and practice. Also it creates an unnessary problem of trying to get people to fill in for the missing roles which leaves other jobs empty and means we are not working to full capacity. We shall see how things go in tomorrows session, We have a script so thats a good start.


Printscreen of arranging group meeting : 


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