Risky Times…

28th April.

So today began the first day back at university after the easter break and back in the studio. Firstly we had arranged a group meeting, this meeting was a chance for any concerns or quiries to be brought to our attention and to find out where everybody was with their indiviual roles and jobs. Unfortanely there was not a great attendance for this meeting, with many of our group not back in coventry untill the following week. This problem also meant that the attendance for the studio session was also poor. This led to roles being empty which meant we couldnt perform practices successfully as their was not enough people to fill the roles that were most needed.


Here are some pictures of the list I made, I made this list to help our producer Joe to monitor attendance and so that we could work out who was going to be there at the studio and session and who wouldnt.

While we were waiting for other members of the group to come, I decided to begin making a list, one of many of jobs I know needed to be done or quizzed.

Here are some photos of the plan making done during the studio session, Joe and the members of us that were present :

Nick – Camera One

Tom- Camera Two

Sunil – Lighting

Sammie – PA

Giselle – Set Design

Matt and Sophie – Presenters

Joe- Producer

Decided that there was not much point in trying to do a studio practice as we were missing the most important people e.g Director, Floor Manager, Vision Mixer, so we spent the time talking and discussing what our next steps are and what needs doing. Our Director Dicken had done a script over easter but we felt after reading through it together with the presenters that there were parts that needed editing, so Joe spilt the group up into different jobs so that we could all use our time efficiently.  So myself, Joe and Sophie worked on the script trying to make a rough plan of the running order.


This is a rough plan that myself and Joe worked on, we tried to come up with a better structured narrative that could be work as the foundations for the show. We included VT’s and spent a lot of time deciding which VT’s out of the ones everyone submited on our facebook page would work in keeping the narrative flowing and running smoothly.


Our producer at work.

We also spent some of this time to discuss set design, as is this plays a very big part of our show its important that we get it right. So far we talked about spilting the studio into three parts and having three different areas of the set. We hadnt talked much into the goings on into each area.

As our childrens show has a theme of health and safety looking at road safety, there were dicussion of designing the set with a zebra crossing and including an outside environment. This way we could introduce a story that could unfold from inside a house and lead into the street/park.


Giselle – Set Designer, Here are a few sketches of ideas for the set. (Needs updating with more pictures to show the developments.)


Working through the Script with producer and presenter.

From here : We need to arrange a meeting with everybody attending, Hopefully tuesday/wednesday of next week we can get everyone together. We need to have it as soon as what with the short amount of time left before we go live. I am feeling anxious about everything we still need to do, but we are all aware of how much time is left so hopefully fingers crossed we can all work together when everyone gets back and get organised.

3rd May 2011

After speaking to the other members in our group previously in the week and also following on from our last group meeting. We decided that wednesday would be a good day to book our next studio session, however after speaking to Bex wednesday had unfortanley already been booked out therefore after speaking to Joe, we both decided to book friday afternoon instead. I was in university anyway so  I took it upon myself to make sure that the studio was booked for our group.

I also carried on with the research started by Tom and Nick into costumes and props, I went around coventry town centre and looked into the fancy dress shops to see what was on offer for us. I was hoping to be able to talk to the other members in the group and save time by already looking into all this previously.  Here are a few photos that I took : ( Everything is still in a planning stage, but hopefully towards the end of this week things will start to be pinned down)


Using Gold Frames for the wall of the fame – Childrens wall.

I briefly mentioned this idea to Joe, in our last meeting as I figure having the pictures on a wall or in frame would look better visually instead of the presteners just holding the paper in their hands.


I found some wood in my gargage, that I figured could be put to good use when making the zebra crossing strip. I am not sure yet as to how big it will be because we have yet to measure the studio. Once we have measured the studio we can get a better understanding to how big the props will be and the blueprint of the set design.


Tape to be used while making props for the costumes.


Print screens of the postings and communication via facebook page.

4th May

Group Meeting – ET Building/Mac Room.

Today we had another group meeting. I was very happy with the attendance from our group members as we were full in numbers, it was great to see everyone working together. The main issue we wanted to discuss and sort out was the set design, It is such an important part of our show and we needed to make sure that we were on the right track and to try get organised. 

After speaking to Giselle and Sumera, I tried to help out as much as I could while we waited for Joe to arrive. I spoke to everyone in the group and basically tried to inform what myself and Joe had done already and what is left to do. It was hard work as Joe is in control and therefore knows more about what he wants doing and how. I tried my best to talk to everyone indiviually and try to find out where everyone was at. Myself, Giselle, Sumera (Set Designers) and Sammie (PA) worked on doing a floor plan for the set design. Sumera built a rough plan out of coloured paper and card. It was a great idea, this way we could visualize the set and get the image in our mind of how it will look once built.


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I am a young media proffesional, experimenting with different mediums of media to find my niche. Studying Media Production at Coventry University.
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