Working in Sound Production

When the time came to pitch for the roles we wanted during the television module, I had orginally pitched for Floor manager as I felt I would be a good candiate for the job. Unfortanely I lost out in the vote and this left me with my second choice of sound. I am really happy with my job role if not alittle anxious about doing well and not letting my team down.

My job role is known as gallery sound, which basically is what is says I am in charge of controling the sound from the comfort of the gallery. Working Along James as Studio Sound, together it is our responsibility to make sure the sound is the best quality it can be. Sound is a very important factor within the show, if the sound is poor it could potential ruin the show. Same goes for lighting really. Both are very important job, although at times they may feel like once youve set up and done all the sound checks thats your job done but they need to be done right and to the highest standard.



Working in the gallery :Gurraj on vision mixer (filling in for the role on this particular occasion) myself on sound and Giselle all in the gallery.

I found this video, while I was researching into my sound postion funny enough it looks exactly like the gallery at the university. Spot of luck there I think.

Using the sound desk, has many big responsibilies as it puts me in charge of bringing in the titles and intro music and out in time for the studio sound and also having to control when the VT’s are brought in and out. At the beginning of this module when I was first given the postion of gallery sound, I didnt quite understand the interesting challenges that lay ahead of me. I have enjoyed learning new sound skills and would definetly like to learn more into the technical skills of working in sound in the future. I have learnt many things so far during my time being gallery sound.

– I have learnt that timing is everything and is very important to the success of the running of the show. You need to be very organised with controlling the studio sound and the VT’s, In order for the sound to be controlled right you need to be paying close attention to the PA’s instructions as they are in charge of timing the show and informing how long is left untill the next VT etc.

– Having good quality sound, makes a very big difference to the overall projection of the show. I believe that sound is just as important as the camera shots because when everything is put together if done right makes for a great show. However if the sound is poor it doest matter how good the lighting is or the set design, If the show has poor sound is will ruin the visual aspect.

– The last and most important thing I have learnt is that you need to have full constrentation and full focus to everything that is going on. Mainly listerning to the PA’s instruction and knowing the running order of the show pretty closely, so that you know exactly when to be ready for bringing in the VT’s in and the studio back in. Being on the ball is key to making sure the sound quality stays consistent and clear.

The things that can still go wrong….

Here our a few examples of times when sound has failed to work on television shows, Things can just as easily go wrong. I have experienced a few of these problems already myself during a few studio practices in this module. On one occasion myself and James, tried to experiment with using more microphones then just the one but this did not prove successful because I was not picking up any sound from one of the microphones and the other two were slightly poorer quality then previous experiments often. We tried to solve the issue as quickly and efficently as we could as we were in the middle of a studio practice but unfortanetly it was not as easy as we first antiperpated. We did eventually resolve the problem but it put it against using more then two microphones as it had not been successful before.


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I am a young media proffesional, experimenting with different mediums of media to find my niche. Studying Media Production at Coventry University.
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