Final Risky Developments

4th May 2011

We all met up for another group meeting, this meeting was specificly aimed at set design. We had previous talks about what ideas we had on how we could use props to dress up the studio. The aim of the meeting was to get everyone together and begin collecting/spending the budget and beginning building the set.



The main concept of our set design was to have three seperate areas and spiliting the studio up so that we could use the space as efficently as we could. Sumera and Giselle (our set designers) built a visual model of what the studio could look like.

Personally I didnt feel this meeting was very effective as we didnt get a lot done, I felt there was a lot of sitting around this may be due to the fact we have such a big group and it is often hard to organise and control. We did have a good attendance though which was good, it gave Joe the chance to issue indiviual jobs to each member and to try pull the odd jobs together.



Myself and James are working together on sorting the sound equipment and working out what we will be using for the final show. I am still having problems figuring out what sound equipment would be best to control both presenters separetly. I have experimented with clip mics but didnt go down well with the floor manager or producer, both decided that the visual aspect of them over ruled the practical side. This was disappointing as I felt the quality of sound was very good and it gave me the control I needed to keep a close watch on keeping matt and sophies sound levels the same. I may go as speak to Paul our sound guy at uni and see what his thoughts are on what I can do. I do feel slightly under pressure as the sound is very important and if something goes wrong it will be my responsibility. I feel I could do with bit more practice using the sound desk but as we only have one more studio practice before our live show, there isnt much of an option for me. Also with complications with the sound desk, having to use a replacement was not easy for me. Picking up the basics was not hard but it was a slightly different sound desk then the one I had previously used, I am concerned that I will have to use this new sound desk on thursday for our show. Fingers crossed It will be replaced by the orginal! 🙂 and all will go well.


About allyprentice2810

I am a young media proffesional, experimenting with different mediums of media to find my niche. Studying Media Production at Coventry University.
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