Studio Show Practice Of Risky Bussiness

During out time in the studio we tried to record a couple of sessions so that we could see how we were developing and the progression.  Here a video of one of studio session, this one is taken from friday 6th May which makes it a very recent practice however I can see there are many problems still at large and need resolving.

As I am in charge of Sound, at the moment that is my soul responsibily and needs my full attention. During watching this studio session I can already see areas I need to work on. I was not very happy with the sound quality of this particular practice, I felt it was rather quiet and needs to be louder and both sophie and matt needs to be controlled separetly.  I am currently still working on this, experimenting with radio mics is next on the agenda. I am aware that the showday is looming over us and is in two days. I am just hoping that the experiment goes well tomorrow during our studio session and then I can pursue with it for thursdays showdown.

Also during this practice although there was no VT in the show, I accidently left the faders up which meant the sound from the studio was picked up. If the VTs were playing then this would not have been so obvious, however it has made me much more cauious and has made me more aware that I need to be careful when bringing the studio sound out and back in , in time for the VT’s. Its all going to be down to the timing.  I am feeling slightly nervous for the show Im not going to lie haha. However I think the practice tomorrow will give me a better understanding to how successful or unsucess the live show on thursday will go. We have yet to practice with VT’s yet so I am feeling very anxious for that because I have yet to practice bringing the studio sound out and VTs in and vice versa, also I have intro music to control. Im hoping after a few practices I should be able to control things, It just means I really need to be on the ball during thursday’s show to be able to control all of the sound inputs at the same time. I am slightly annoyed as I did speak to Joe several times about VT’s, I hoped that when we got back after easter the first session back I could experiment with controlling the VT’S but it didnt happend. Im sure it will all turn out okay, I just could have done with more practice to feel more confident for our live show.

Watching this studio session, I am very dissapointed at the sound. It is very quiet and poor quality. Since seeing this video, I Have taken all the cristisim on board and have began to resolve the problems during the studio practices.


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I am a young media proffesional, experimenting with different mediums of media to find my niche. Studying Media Production at Coventry University.
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