Its Showtime :)

I guess before I show you our final attempt at our television show, I must tell you about the on goings leading up to the live show. Are you ready?

I decided to go into university at around eleven although our show wasnt untill one, there was a few last-minute things that needed to be tidied up before our live show. We were experiencing problems with the VT’s as they were still being put on tape this was due to the fact we had already had many problems previously. This was slightly worrying for myself as I was in control of bringing the VT’s in and out of the show and with not having much practice using VT’s in our previous studio sessions I was getting anxious. Sean was trying his best though and as the VT controller he was doing everything he could, although the VT’s prehaps should have been done way in advance to have prevented the problems from happening in the first place but at the stage there wasnt much we could have done about it. Sean got on with what he needed to do and all we could do was hope that the VT’s would be done in time. The VT’s got done but however when we got into the studio and began running into our time we realised that the VT’s wouldn’t play this was due to the fact they had been exported onto the tape in the format and would not play, this was extremely worrying as we needed the VTs, so sean had to then go and re-export the VT’s onto the tape again however this would take an hour which then left us with only an hour of studio time left. This was not something we needed, it turned out okay in the end but because of how much time we had left it only meant that we could do another two run through with VT’s and out of them two shows we would hand one in. This put a lot of pressure onto the people working in the studio and also in the gallery and we could feel it rising, however we all tried to stay calm myself included and focus on our doing our jobs the best we could.

I know I made a lot of mistakes during the show which I am disappointed about but on the other hand I have learnt a hell of a lot during this module and during my time as gallery sound. I had no idea there was so much to control being sound, I really enjoyed my time and I really would like to continue working with sound or even lighting and to get a more of an experience for working in sound. A few things I was not happy with in terms of how the sound went during the our show was firstly, I tried to make sure that the quality of sound from the radio mic’s was as good as it could be. I did experience a slight bit of interference which could have possibly been because of strong level of gain and interference from other technical equipment. I definitely feel I have improved on my time being gallery sound and working with controlling the sound. When I look back on previous studio session that we recorded in the earlier weeks, the sound has improved a lot and although it probably isn’t to a professional level  yet, I have learnt from previous mistakes and tried to learn from them and keep developing my technical skills.

I also did experienced a few problems setting up the sound desk, I managed to set the CD channel up and I could get studio sound but I had a few difficulites with getting the VT’s and the radio mics. I have to admit that these problems most likely could have been resolved by having a better understanding of the equipment and having had previous  experience with the equipment. However I feel I did a good enough job, I tried my best to succeed in my job and to make the show run as smoothly as it could. I didnt want to let me group down by not giving everything into my role.

Overall I think there was many good and bad factors to our television show, It is important to look back over the last few weeks and learn from the mistakes and triumphs that we experienced as a group and indivuial. We had a few problems with teamwork and I personally feel some people outshone in their roles and did more then they should have, without them peoples hardwork it would have made it a lot more difficult so hats off to them people. You know who you are.

Here is the video, although the other video is also to be uploaded rumour has it that it is a better quality so we shall see :).


About allyprentice2810

I am a young media proffesional, experimenting with different mediums of media to find my niche. Studying Media Production at Coventry University.
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