Personal Reflection and Evaluation of the 161MC Module (FOR ASSESSMENT)

When they told us we had five weeks to produce a television show, My first feelings was right okay where do we start. We were spilt into four groups but what was different for me this time,  was that none of the people I previously worked with on the assignments were in my group this term. I have to admit I was slightly nervous as I was so used to working with similiar people and my group was one of the bigger groups, with a total of 18 members. Although I felt nervous at the start once we started to work together during the editoral workshops and in the studio sessions,  I had the chance to talk to people who I hadnt previously. Looking back now there are many people I would definetly like to work with again and have enjoyed working along side them during this television module. This has no doubt been one of the more stressful and manic assignments, but I have to credit my group because although we had our fair amout of challenges , we worked together and Id like to think in a proffesional way. I tried my best to blog as much as I could throughout this module because of the pure fact,  it gave me the opition to look back over the studio sessions and so see how the group developed over the weeks. It helped me to reflect back on my contribution in the group and my personal development in my studio role. Blogging helped me to document everything as it was happening which I think is how it should be, you can see the mistakes that were made and how we put it right. It was one big learning curve I shall tell you that now. I was given the postion of gallery sound and although I feel I made many mistakes and could have personally done a lot better , blogging about my progress helps me now to reflect back on the process and how much I have learnt already.

My personal reflection of the 161 module has both good and bad factors, I think although the module was projected well and the brief was clear to most people, their was often the feeling of confusion as how to work in the studio. Looking back I guess I understand It was better for us as media students to be able to work independantly in an environment, such as a television studio but however many of us, myself included often felt like we didnt really know what we were doing in terms of using the equipment , as many of us had never had studio experience before. However two weeks into the studio sessions I would argue that many of us were beginning to get comfortable in our roles.

I orginally pitched for floor manager as I felt that I was doing a good job during the practice sessions mentored by the thrid years, however unfortanely I lost out on the vote and as working in sound was my backup choice. I re-pitched for the role of gallery sound when I was chosen for gallery sound I was apprehensive as I hadnt had much experience working with sound before but I was ready for the challenge,  and looking forward to experincing a new channel in media production. Reflecting back on my time as gallery sound my only issue was that I didnt feel I had enough studio practice time, this is mainly due to the fact we were rather disorganised pretty much as soon as easter came around. With many of our group members going back home for easter I dont feel as a group we used our time effectively and this effected the workload when everyone got back.When we got back I dont think during easter people realised how much work we had left to do and with only two weeks before our live show it meant their was a lot of pressure. It could have been avoided. As we had a lot to sort out such as set design, VT’s, editing script this naturally effected our studio sessions because we didnt get enough practice.  The problems we had with the VT’s majorly effective me because I had not had enough time to practice using the sound desk with the VT’s. I regret not being more forceful because if I had made sure the VT’s were in progress then perhaps I could have put myself in a better postion then I was. Then again that shouldnt have been my role, although VT’s were apart of my job it was not my job to export the VT’s on to tape.

Having problems with the sound desk was very challenging for me as during previous studio sessions, I had become quite accustom to the old sound desk and felt confident in using it. When we came back over easter I was informed that we had a temporary sound desk but with a week to go before our show, it was very nerve racking. I didnt feel I knew how to use the new sound desk as well as the old one, however I performed my job to the best I felt I could.  The job were done in the end but I feel our organisation skills as a group could have been improved although hats off to our producer because he kept everyone in line and together. It was a comfort to have somebody in charge who had previous experience in studio work as he had, having  done it at college.

Deciding to produce a children show was an eventful it brought about a fair amount of problems from the script, set design, not having enough practice time, VT’s, lack of contribution from group members. However I think we solved them the best we could, I came in every time we had group meetings and tried to work with Joe and often Sammie (PA) to control the organisation of the group and of jobs that needed doing.  I feel one thing that perhaps let us down was that the children show idea was not very well research or thought out. I think we felt because it was a childrens show we could be more adverturous but in fact this was the complete opposite case. The presenters did a brillant job though at pulling it off and everyone in the end pulled together to make the show work.

Overall I think we all worked together really well and kept the communication going via our facebook group and through phones. I think our main problem was that we unestimated what was involved when putting together a television show. I wasnt slightly dissapointed with the feedback as we didnt know it had to be called “Net TV” although that was the name of the brief  I didnt realise how much it would have effected us. I think we gave doing a children show a good go and with a lot more preparation we could have produced a more organised show.

During this studio module I felt I contributed a lot more then my fair share, however I dont deny anyones contribution. I just feel I took a more of hands on approach to this group work. If something needed doing although it may not have been my responsibility, I was happy to help and make sure it was done. Things such as booking out equipment, booking studio time, arranging group meetings were a few jobs I took an active involvement with. I was always in communication with our producer and was only involved when the job couldnt be done by himself. Although many people may argue that I over stepped my role, I disagree because although I was gallery sound I was also a member of the group and teamwork was essential to the success of this project. I am happy I took a more actively role in this studio module because I learnt a variety of skills from the technical side so setting up equipment and expanding my knowlegde in working with sound, and the organistaion side so developing an understanding for how running a television show works and what needs doing. It was a very stressful time I often felt very under pressure but I would do it again and hope to choose it as a module next year. I hope if I do choose to do studio work again I can develop as a proffessional.


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I am a young media proffesional, experimenting with different mediums of media to find my niche. Studying Media Production at Coventry University.
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