How different media forms are having an effect on media production (FOR ASSESMENT)

In the early 1990’s the internet was not exactly first invented as it has all started around 1957 but it was becoming more accessible to the public. 20 years later here we are, who could have ever thought that the invention of the internet would create such an impact.  This media form without a doubt has changed the way we live and has completely revolutionised technology. The internet still amazes me as a media producer because their is not much you can do without this form of media. It definetly has many benefits to the production of media, It can enhance your profile as a media producer if done in the right way it can have a big impact on being noticed in the media industry.

Youtube has definetly had a signific impact on the way media is being produced, as mentioned previously in one of my blog posts,  the theoriest Gaunlett stated that media consumers are becoming media producers because of the advance in technology. This is evident with youtube because people who consumed media are now making media themselves because of the impact this media form has already had on the media production practice. Youtube makes it very easy to host your own video’s which can be produced and edited using simple technology.


During this module, I had to design and make a website using dreamweaver. Youtube had tutorials that helped you to use the software so even if you knew nothing about web design you could easily access step to step lessons to help make it even from stratch. Looking at this example in particular you can find anything you have ever needed to know right here at your fingertips, the internet has millions of information for the world to access. This media forms is having an very big impact on the way media is produced because 1. It is becoming easier for media producers to produce content because of the applications found on the internet and distribute it worldwide with sites such as youtube,vimeo.  Often Using content already on the internet consumers re-package it into a new exciting product when it has already orginated from something to begin with.

This is a great example of re-package content, I was shown this earlier on in one of the lectures. It was orginally a news story reporting on a woman who was involved with a rape attack but was edited and turned into an catchy song. Repackaged and distributed via the internet and was viewed by millions of people. Why was it so popular? and would it have been seen by so many people if it hadnt gone via the internet.

2. It has harder to produce something orginal and this is having a bad effect on the media production process because of media producers producing content based on whats around out there.  Sometimes its hard to have a audience in mind because the media form as significant as the internet has such a wider audience that its hard to find the niche market.

The Internet is having an impact in both postive and negative ways which effects how media is formed and distributed. Social media plays a big role in the making of this as a media producer myself its a way of communicating with people and also you can be used as a platform to distribute your production work for people to enjoy. Social media allows everyone to create their own media from music to short films, documentaries and photography. There are so many ways to display this work such as on an website designed for that purpose (again its been made easier to do via this media form), blogs that have become increasingly popular. Anyone can have a blog and its a great way to get your ideas out there.  All this has a postive effect on media production because its using the media form to its advantage. Social media means making oppurtunities to create and share with people who have similiar interests.  Websites such as twitter, flickr, vimeo, have created a new way to interact with each other by using social media sites to give people the chance to comment, rate, offer feedback from one media producers to another. This has an effect on the media production process alone allowing us to learn from each other and be inspired, challening that into our own productions.


In comparison to another media form such as television, a internet based show vs a studio programe.

Everything a television show does the internet can to the same. Internet shows are often done in the comfort or their own living rooms, people can produce and distribute this content because of the empowered a media form such as the internet gives them.  Ive heard many people discuss that the internet could eventually take over the television media form but I disagree but although it often feels like the internet is used as the main signific form for displaying the media production process I think television is still as strong as it ever been.

After just doing this live impact project, I feel I now have a better understanding to how the format of television programming works. A lot of work goes into producing a studio show and when you compared to what has been produced and put online, although the quality is not nearly the same its quite clear how the internet as a media form is having an impact on the television production. Both media forms are convergening into each other as you can use social media to communicate with the show.


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I am a young media proffesional, experimenting with different mediums of media to find my niche. Studying Media Production at Coventry University.
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