Reflect On Professional development – How social media enhances myself as a media producer) (FOR ASSESSMENT)

During the very beginning of the creating impact 161mc module, we were asked to sign up to all sorts of social media applications such as youtube, twitter, flickr, vimeo. I guess I never realised untill I began studying this module how many social media applications you can be apart of. You could say their is no escape from being apart of this social media circle, if you didnt want to be actively involved I guess their isnt much way of escaping away from it. For example just think to how many people are using facebook on a regular basis, how many have the app on their smart phones. I tell you as an active user of social networking sites myself even before this module its a very high percentage. Facebook played a very signific role in this module as it was our main source of communication with my group members.

Using social media to enhance my profile as a media proffesional has been made much easier with applications such as youtube,vimeo as it allows you to create your own channels where you can display your work. Youtube is very famously known for the introduction of channels, I first became aware of the benefits of having a channel during my study of media at alevel. Channels help the user to create their own space on the site, although you cant really place your own stamp on it, it does give you a platform to host your own videos and work. I think you could apply Gaunlett’s web 2.0 theory here as he suggests that media consumers are becoming media producers because of the technology avalible to them e.g youtube. This is very clear in terms of youtube because user can use the tools youtube offers them to enhance their profiles, either as professionals or “internet sensations”.


Having a youtube channel can enchance our profile as a media proffesional because it can be used to showcase your productions. Although If i were to use a social media site to host my productions I would use Vimeo instead of youtube, If you think of how much content is put on youtube from talking animals to people falling off tables. Do you really want your work to be distributed with the random content, theres nothing wrong with it dont get me wrong I just personally feel if your trying to get your profile out there. It would be better for your media identiy to have your own website space or use more proffesional social media applications.


I think if your going to use social media to get your profile out there you need to think about how you appeal to either a target audience or the social networking as a whole. Vimeo offers a much more of proffesional appearance and a sophiscated platform to portray your work. I havent been using vimeo for very long but I do prefer using vimeo as a platform instead of youtube as youtube is very mainstream. Although it is accessed by people all across the world, I think using vimeo is better even if it means you have to put yourself out there first.

Facebook is a very essential social networking tool used in social media, however I dont feel it can enhance my profile as a media proffessional because although it does it its job as a social networking and is still a great communication tool I dont personally use it for my personal benefit.  Although in its defence it is a great way of getting events out to everyone and getting people involved with projects if you have a large social network, or you could even build one.


About allyprentice2810

I am a young media proffesional, experimenting with different mediums of media to find my niche. Studying Media Production at Coventry University.
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